5 Best Cheap Bike Pumps – Floor and Mini Bike Tire Pumps in 2021

If you own a bike and don’t want to be stranded helplessly by the side of the road. You need to invest in a bike pump and fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank before you can get a good-quality pump.

We’ve rounded up the best yet cheap mini bike pumps, track pumps, CO2 inflators, and tubeless inflators reviewed by Pump The Bike team.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

We don’t want to waste much of your time and let’s get to our recommendations which you can find below. We talked about the cheapest bike pumps you can get from Amazon and a little comparison amongst bike pump types and brands.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Floor Pump: Audew Dual Cylinder Foot Pump at Amazon

“An affordable bike pump that has all the bells and whistles you need, and nothing you don’t.”

Best Budget Floor Pump: Emoly Mini Portable Bicycle Pump at Amazon

“Can push up to 140 psi of air into your tires and comes with a wide gauge to ensure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure.”

Best for Tubeless Tires: BV Bike Floor Pump at Amazon

“Effectively allows for bead mounting and keeps tubeless tires well inflated.”

Best Mini Pump: Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump at Amazon

“Weighs just five ounces and features two pumping modes—one that applies high pressure, and one for finishing off the inflation.”

Best Frame-Fit Pump: Emoly Mini Portable Bicycle Pump at Amazon

“A powerful little tool that can easily morph into a floor pump or stay attached to your bike.”

Best for Long Rides: Audew Dual Cylinder Foot Pump at Amazon

“Features a twin-valve system, so you can use either type and is made of strong aluminum alloy.”

Best Compressor: Giyo Bike Pump at Amazon

“Fill tires up to 150 psi and includes an auto-off function, forcing the pump to stop once you’ve hit the desired pressure.”

The Best Cheap Bike Pumps 2020/2021

Every bike looks and continues to work well until it has a flat tyre. This prevents you, as the rider from using it for your daily activities.

Cheap Bike Pumps 2021 list

You might be the type who uses the bike as a mess of transport to your place of work or to a friend’s place. This is not bad at all, as it helps save more money which should have been used on other transport means.

Even if you had a car, you will have to fuel it after all. The cost of fuel will also be saved to spend on other things. In addition, the cost of maintenance of a car is way higher than that of a bike. So, buying a car is seen as more of a liability to an asset.

If you are the type who makes use of bikes for sports, as I do, then you should see this. Riding a bike helps develop the triceps, and as a result, is a perfect sporting activity.

But, the problem comes when we have a flat bike tyre. It affects all your plans for the day. However, you can help prevent this occurrence, by performing a simple trick regularly. It is called “Maintenance”.

Maintenance helps keep a material in perfect condition by ensuring that all the components are working very fine.

In this case, your bike maintenance involves or let’s say starts with the tyre. Yes! Maintenance of a bike starts with its tyre. This kind of maintenance is very simple because it does not require the services of a professional. This means that it can be carried out by the vehicle owner himself.

There is absolutely no need for a bike repairer to do this for you. Before going out on a ride with your bike, what are the first things you look at? Your tyres of course. You can easily notice if there is a decrease in air pressure in your bike tyres.

When there is a complete deflation, the tyre goes down completely. What you think of now is to pump the tyres. I will give you an option which is not even close to vulcanizers’ service at all.

This option will help you save time, Money and a little bit of energy. I said a little bit of energy because you will be the one to carry out the operation all by yourself. The services of a professional will not be needed at all.

It is known as a Bike Pump. Just like the name implies, it is simply a device for pumping air into bike tyres. It is completely manual. That is, the machine is operated with hand, and is built on the principle of pressure.

There are different types of bike pumps, depending on their mode of usage. They include;

  • Hand Pump
  • Stand Pump
  • Foot Pump
  • Mini Pump

These are the four basic types of bike pumps, and all other ones are built from the designs of these ones.

The mini pump is known for its portability. It is very handy such that it can be attached to the bike for predictive and corrective usage/maintenace. As a result, whenever a bike tyre goes flat on a ride, you can easily take your mini pump and inflate your tyre immediately. All by yourself.

The floor pump works based on the principle of a Law of Motion. I will explain. The law states that to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is exactly how the floor pump works.

You exert pressure on the piston. The piston pushes air toward the ground. The the bottom of the pump pushes the back with the same pressure through the tube. The tube is the air channel which leads into the tyre.

So, the air passes through the tube, opens the valve and goes directly into the tyre. The stand pump is also self explanatory.

Let us review the foot pump. The foot pump works like the floor pump, but it requires the effort of your foot to pump air into the cylinder.

Out of all the bike pumps mentioned above, the cheapest is usually the mini pump. This is because the mini pump has lesser accessories on it, when compared to the floor pump, stand pump or foot pump.

The bike pump is very similar to the Vulcaniser’s electric pump, but there is a difference. The only difference is that one requires electricity while the other requires ordinary manpower.

Both pumps collect air from the surrounding, compress it, and then pass it through the tube, which leads directly into the tyre. The tyre is opened and closed by the valve. When the valve is open, air is released from the tyre, and when it is closed, air remains in the tyre.

The valve of a tyre is the same as the valve of a ball, which released air on its opening and stops doing so when it is closed back.

You might be wondering how you will know when it’s time to continue or stop pumping. Well,all car tyres come with a pressure rating written on it, and the same applies to bike tyres.

The pressure rating of a tyre is the manufacturer’s prescription of the pressure to inflate a tyre with. It is usually measured in bar or Psi. To aid this procedure, there is an instrument used for measuring the tyre pressure, and it is called the tyre gauge.

The tyre gauge measures the tyre pressure, just like a speedometer measures the speed of a vehicle. So, after seeing the pressure rating of your bike tyre, the gauge will let you know how much air pressure has been pumped into the tyre.

Coming back to the pressure rating. Your bike tyre manufacturer will give you a range of air pressure suitable for the tyre. That is, the pressure rating might be written as… Inflate to 50 – 60 bars.

If you inflate to the lower number, which is 50, the traction will be increased and is more suitable for the sunny season/weather.

On the other hand, if you inflate to the higher number in the range which is 60, the bike will be faster and is good for the rainy season or weather.

Also, pumping your bike tyre to the higher value of the range will reduce your chances of having a flat tyre once again.

I believe you wish to get a bike pump for your bike but you think it might be expensive. Allow me inform you that there are bike pumps which are very cheap and offer better outpuot than most expensive ones.

Are you surprised already? Don’t be surprised yet. You will be more surprised when you see the prices of these bike pumps, and I am sure you will get one for yourself. Do not hesitate to do so, as many factors could inflate the prices anytime soon.

So let us see what these bike pumps really look like and how much we can get one.

Cheap Bike Pumps and their Prices in 2021

Like I said earlier, I will give you the best products at their best prices. Most of the products with high prices end up getting spoilt on time.

To avoid this, I will show you quality bike pumps, with affordable prices. If you own a bike and you do not want to get stuck due to a flat tyre or bother yourself with unnecessary spendings, then you should read this.

BV Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head

This product is a floor pump which as explained earlier needs the support of a hard or tough body, which is the floor in this case, to operate. That is why it is called a floor pump.

The handle allows you to life the piston from the cylinder to create a vacuum, then you push the position back in to drive air through the black tube.

The object with a silver body, placed a little above the floor support is called the gauge. Remember that the gauge measures the pressure that drives air into the tube, and then into the tyre.

This product which is made by the BV brand costs only $39 on Amazon. All other fees like shipping and importation fees are not included in this price.

cheap bike pumps


Emoly Mini Portable Bicycle Pump

This is an example of the Mini bike pump we talked about earlier. A reason I like this product is that it is a combination of two kinds of bike pumps.

It is a mini bike pump as well as a foot pump. You need your foot to activate this machine. Here is how it works.

The black cap on top of the device is the foot pedal which controls the piston in the cylinder. However, before you place your foot on it, you should notice a black metal holding the pedal down, as it is shown in the image. I will tell you what it is used for.

This black metal is used to hold the piston down for easy attachment to the bike. So, before you can be able to use the pump, you have to bring the metal off the pedal surface.

After bringing it off, the piston automatically fires up and stops at a point. This is the maximum height it can reach. Now, you can place your foot on it.

Press your foot downwards, upwards and repeat the process. The gauge which is just next to the blue-painted cylinder will measure the pressure of air going out of the system.

You must have checked your tyre to see the maximum air pressure to inflate your tyre with. Ensure you continuously check the gauge to take your reading.

The device also has 2 different valve heads for Schrader and Presta valves. With this you don’t need to remove and put in another valve. Just interchange the valve heads.

Asides using it to pump bike tyres, it can be used to pump basketballs, footballs, rubber boats, car tyres, swimming rings etc. The product only costs $13.99 on Amazon. The pumps also comes with extra gas needle and valve.

cheap bike pumps


Giyo Mini Bike Pump with Gauge

When it comes to speed of pumping, this particular one pump should be your pick. The device is manual but operates like an automatic one.

The bike pump valve fits Presta and Schrader Valve. Whichever one your bike uses, the Giyo bike pump will be compatible with it.

Also, unlike other bike pumps, you do not need to exert great force on the piston. Just a little push will do.

The portability of this pump is top notch. It does not occupy too much space on your bike. In fact, you can hold it while riding.

It has its pressure gauge integrated into the hose system. This measures the direct pressure outflow from the hose. The device does not support leakage so all measurements are precise and accurate.

As a bonus, the manufacturer includes a sport ball needle and inflatable device needle in the product box. That means that when you buy this bike pump, you get the two needles for free.

It is very afforable. The price on Amazon is $19.99, excluding shipping and import fees. If you are a weight obsessed cyclist, you should get this due to its extreme lightweight.

cheap bike pump


Audew Dual Cylinder Foot Pump

The double cylinder system was designed to increase the air pressure and thereby increasing the pumping speed. You can save more time using this. The non slip pedal on top allows your foot stick to the device and prevents it from slipping off due to the rough surface on the pedal.

This product’s working system is very simple. When you place your foot on the pedal, you push it downwards thereby pumping air into the two cylinders. The cylinder fires the air back into the tube, and is being measured by the gauge.

The gauge is just above the crown of the two cylinders. Air is being released to the house, which connects to the valve.

The valve heads have both schrader and presta valve adaptors, which makes it a dual valve head too.

Also, the device is able to fold making it very durable. Although, it cannot be easily attached to the bike unless there is a special compartment for it.

The air pressure gauge is 100% accurate. No errors, unless you take wrong readings. This might be due to parallax.

So, how much does this cost? It costs only $33.99. Very affordable! It could even be used to pump car tyres and other inflatables.

cheap bike pumps


Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump

I bring to you one of the best bike pumps in the industry. Products from this brand are made by riders and for riders. Vibrelli Products are known for authenticity, durability, portability and affordable prices.

The Vibrelli bike pump is not excluded. This type of bike pump falls under the category of hand pumps. Unlike other bike pumps, you have to push the piston very hard to pump the tyres, but with Vibrelli, only a slight push is needed for pumping.

This product is very easy to use for anyone in any age group. It has just one valve head, which can fit into Presta and Schrader valvbes. With this feature, there is absolutely no need to change valves repeatedly.

The pump also comes with a glueless puncture repair kit. The kit is very small and can be kept in the pocket. I will show you the use of the kit now.

Whenever your bike tyre has a leak, you can easily pull out a puncture patch from the kit, peel it and stick it to the leak point of the tyre. You do not need a glue to do this.

One feature you will also love about this feature is its portability. Before even thinking of attaching it to your bike, you can place it in your pocket or just hold it. It is very small and lightweight. Very suitable for weight-obsessed cyclists/riders.

To operate it, you just have to attach the valve adaptor to your tyre valve. After that, you pull the non slip handle towards yourself, then put it back in. Repeat this process till you achieve your desired tyre pressure.

However, the manufacturer did not state if the bike pump has a pressure gauge or not. This is the only but about it. Although, it is a very nice device.

The Vibrelli Mini bike pump costs a token of $28.98 on Amazon excluding shipping and delivery fees.



In conclusion, having a bike pump could be to flat tyre issues. If you have a bike and need a cheap and quality bike pump, you should consider some of the ones mentioned above.

Share this article with other bike riders like you. If you have any questions about bike pumps, drop a comment below.