Type of Bike Pumps and Their Price

Most bikers’ problems usually emerge from the tires. A survey has it that they are due to unexpected
flat tires. We recommend all bikers to have a pump they could carry along while having a ride.

Knowing the different types of bike pumps in 2021 and the price will actually save a lot of stress when
buying or getting information about which one will suit you best.

Basically, there are two most common pump types. The “flat” or “mini-pump” which is easier to
carry along during a ride and a “floor pump” which is very useful for checking and topping up
your tires before a ride.

Getting The Best Bike Pump 2021

Before getting a pump the first thing you’ll want to know is the kind of inner tubes your bicycle
has. Knowing this would really help when deciding which pump you should use.
At least you wouldn’t want to leave the market to find out that the pump wasn’t the right choice
for your inner tube.

There are basically two standard types of inner tubes Schrader and Presta. The Schrader inner
tubes are the most common ones because they are mostly used in cars, hybrids, and children’s
bicycles. It looks fat with a little finger inside that allows you to let air in and out when pressed.
The Presta on the other hand is flat and thin, it has a very tiny knot that you can unscrew to let
the air out. They are mostly found in most road bikes. So now that you know which inner tube your
bike has let get started with the different bike pumps and the price you could get one.

bike flat pump


The Flat or Mini Pump

Starting from the ones we’ve mentioned earlier. The flat or mini pump is a small hand pump
which is very efficient to carry along during a ride just in case of an emergency. According to
amazon the price range for these pumps could vary from $15 to $77.
You might want to do yourself the favor of checking it.



The Floor Pump

These pumps are a must-have for every biker. They provide high pressure that smaller pumps
may not be able to produce. They are called floor pumps because the base is placed on the
ground while filling in the air from the tube into the tires.
They are for gauging and knowing the exact amount of air the tires have been filled with. They
have a ranging price from as low as $20 to $68 or more.



C02 Inflators

These are extremely smaller pumps for easy access. They utilize a c02 cartridge to fill in air into
the tubes. The main advantage of this pump is that they are small and with the c02 cartridge in
them, they fill the tube at a very fast rate.

But basically, this might come with a disadvantage also. Once the c02 cartridge in the is
exhausted you’ll probably need to recycle or refill them. Also if you fill in your tubes with these
c02 inflators you’ll definitely find yourself wanting to refill faster.

The c02 air burns out fast and can be the major disadvantage of using them. Check out the
the price range on amazon as The differ from $10 to as much as they

electric bike pump


Electric Pump

ELectric pumps as the name imply utilize electricity for its usage. It’s faster, and usually
comes with a built-in gauge Which allows you to measure the air pressure.

Apart from using electrics pumps for tubes, you could use it for a range of different other
items. Electric pumps are costlier than other pumps mentioned so far.



Knowing the right type of bike pump and their price should be the first thing a biker should make
an inquiry about. This article should have given clear heads on which range you want to go for
and the reason you’ll want to go for them.

Having the right pumps that suit you the best and produce the appropriate air pressure when
needed is a knowledge of every biker must-have.