Most Dangerous Countries in Africa


Africa is one of the seven continents on the planet, and it happens to be home to the majority of the black population on earth. The continent houses 54 countries with diverse cultures and unique languages. The continent has the second-largest landmass area on earth and covers almost 12 million square million miles. Africa is also the second most populous continent on the planet, and it houses about 1.5 billion people. These populations account for about 15% of the total world population, and most of the population are young people below 30 years. Although Africa has enormous human and natural resources, it has yet to begin to scratch its potential. It remains the least wealthy continent due to unique disadvantages and unfavorable circumstances. Africa suffers from geographic impediments because of its lack of access to international trade waters and the harsh sub-Saharan sun that slowed down technological development. Africa also suffers from poor leadership, oppressive policies, and security challenges. If you are thinking about traveling to Africa, you should do adequate research to ensure your safety. This article has outlined the most dangerous countries in Africa and why they fall into this category. Enjoy.

Most Dangerous Countries in Africa

Here are some of the most dangerous countries in the world for tourists.

  1. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has been designated as a no-travel zone by the State Department of America, and this is certainly with good reason. The Central African Republic has been overrun with violent crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, battery, assault, homicide, and civil unrest. Most parts of the country are currently controlled by armed groups and militias who torture, oppress, and kill innocent civilians. The constant cases of violent riots and civil unrest make the Central African Republic a no travel zone. If you happen to travel to C.A.R and one of these unrests breaks out, your country’s government will have a hard time evacuating you from the chaos.

  1. Mali

Mali is a country with multiple security concerns. Although the country’s government has made some efforts to quiet down extreme violence and crimes, their efforts have been mostly unsuccessful. This country is home to multiple militia groups who regularly use violence to assert their authority. These groups have been known to terrorize, rob, torture, and kidnap innocent citizens and tourists alike. They often target clubs, restaurants, hotels, and even diplomatic missions. If you are held hostage by one of these terrorist groups, your country might not be able to help you before permanent harm comes on you.

  1. Libya

Libya was once prosperous and organized. However, it has slowly degraded into a violent extremist state. Terrorism is the primary concern in Libya, and extremist groups operate without fear of repercussions. These extremist groups target places like hotels, malls, and even transportation centers to launch attacks and kill innocent civilians. The Islamic State of Syria, popularly known as ISIS, is in full operation in Libya, and this makes the country one of the least safe places to visit in Africa. Armed conflicts, kidnapping, and civil unrest are also common in Libya, and many international companies have had to stop operations in Libya over the last few years.

  1. Somalia

Somalia rests at the eastern horn of Africa, and the major crime associated with the country is Piracy. If you think this doesn’t affect tourists and travelers, you should reconsider. These pirates are active in international waters, and this makes doing business quite difficult. Murder and kidnapping in Somalia is also a common occurrence, and you might run into illegal roadblocks when you move around the country. Terrorists also operate in Somalia, and they are mostly responsible for the kidnappings, robberies, and murders. They attack high-traffic places like transportations hubs, hotels, restaurants, and Government buildings. The terrorist groups in Somalia have their roots in Al-Shabab, and governments of the world have been trying to clip their wings for some time now. If you have plans to travel to Somalia, you should cancel them.

  1. Sudan

In Sudan, the tension between the government, opposition forces, and terrorist groups make it one of the least safe countries to travel to. Sudan has a long history of civil unrests and rallies, roadblocks, demonstrations, and other violence causing activities. The country’s security forces have free reign to operate and mostly escalate violence, rape, and murder of innocent citizens. If you are thinking of traveling to Sudan, you should cancel your plans.

  1. Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in Africa and the country with the most potential. However, Nigeria is also plagued with almost all the problems affecting the continent. Cases of kidnapping, terrorism, civil unrest, oppression, election manipulation, and other crimes are common. However, the country is largely referred to as the largest democracy in Africa, and it has some safe places designed to house rich tourists.

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is largely known for its vast mineral resources. Although this country has a lot to offer, the citizens have almost nothing to live on. This country is one of the world’s poorest and is continuously plagued by Violent crimes, civil unrest, and health risks. The militia groups control most of the country’s resources and engage in forced child labor to mine them. If you plan on going to D.R.C, you should reconsider.


Africa is a continent with vast potentials, and we can only hope that these potentials become realized one day. The continent also has many beautiful attraction spots and places you can visit. However, your safety should always come first, and you shouldn’t travel anywhere without making sure you will be alright. Africa is a hotspot for major crimes and other vices. This is part of the reason why it is referred to as the third world. You should know that not all parts of Africa fall into this category, and there are some places where you can travel safely and enjoy yourself. That is why this article has outlined some of the most dangerous countries in Africa. If you still plan on traveling to any of these countries, we advise that you do further research and get all the information you need before embarking on that trip. Enjoy!