How Much is a Bike Pump at Target Market?

Owning a bike pump has become a necessity for every cyclist but the question always thrown before any purchase is “How much can I get a bike pump at the Target Market“?

The usage of Bicycles has been to be hitting its increase globally as each day goes by, considering the clamouring for greenhouse and its effects. As random cars emit gases like CO² in large quantities, which are generally ill for man’s health.

With statistics placing Denmark as one of the Bike-friendly countries with nine out of ten people owning a bike. America having an approximate of 47.5 million bicycle users and riders as of 2017.

Africa is not left out, as of 2018 Africa’s imports were approximately placed on the worth of 549 billion USD. These imports range through motor cars, bicycles and even organic materials.

As of 2011-2012, it was estimated that India exported $31.5 million worth bicycles to African countries. Kenya alone rounded off an approximate of 500,000 imported bikes.

As great pressing needs for bicycles increases, facilities to maintain these bicycles are also placed on high demand.

Best Target Bike Pumps

The great rush for bicycles could be as a result of the following Amazing reasons;

how much is bike pump at Target


1. Frugality

The use of bicycles has been known to effectively enforce careful management of financial resources at one’s disposal.

With cut-offs to the purchase of gasoline, petrol, diesel or even oil, an average cyclist has nothing to worry about aside the daily maintenance of his bicycle.

This daily maintenance cost will never be matched to one using or operating a car.

2. Exercise

Riding a bicycle around town has been proven to be a means for keeping fit, helping to burn calories, improving cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, build of muscle and energy, improving coordination and lowering blood pressure. It might be a mini-medical tip for everyone to own a bike.

3. Fun and General Well-being

Hey, let’s not get all serious here. I bet it’s always fun to ride bicycles. The overall brain performance that is hyped when on a bike, sharpened memory and cognitive skills, reduction of stress and anxiety, improvement of sleep patterns for individuals, most persons take upcycling a moderate form of personal therapy.

Having known how important a bicycle pump should be to your cycling adventure, I wouldn’t be so quick to tell you the price of each bike pump out there but to carefully layout a guide to help you run your market analysis.

In this article, I will help you note; cost determinants for purchasing bike pumps, what kind of bike pump suits your financial budget and a clue to what kind of bike pump you will be needing as your journey may depend.

Cost Determinants For Purchasing Bike Pump

1. Materials of Construction

Bike Pumps come in different body parts and components. Some are made of steel, aluminium or probably Plastic. The materials used for construction at times determine its cost, but that shouldn’t be your problem. Our area of concern is the durability of each material.

Metallic bicycle pumps, although will weigh heavier, are known for high-level durability as they tend to last longer and their parts are often replaceable. This could save you the cost of instead of buying an entirely new one as you can replace a part.

2. Type of Bike Pump

Having shown you in my previous article about different types of mini-bike pumps available, ranging from its fittings to different values available or having a CO² cartridge, these pumps come with different prices.

It is of high essence you determine whether your bike runs on a Presta or Schrader valve and if you’ll be needing the speedy inflation of CO² enabled pumps or not.

3. Pump Volume and efficiency

You should be thinking of a bike pump that quickly tops up your deflated tyre at a speedy rate or top-up your deflated tyre at a speedy rate or a pump that can deliver maximum volume of air into your bicycle tube with less pressure applied.

Everyone deserves value for items purchased, but you know value always comes with a price.

4. Bike Pump Features

Some bike pump is fitted with a good and quality gauge. Some with twin pistons, some are equipped with a hose while some are not.

The feature attached to each bike pump goes along to determine the price tag placed on it.


It could be advisable that you walk into a local bicycle pump store and have the salesperson lead you through a detailed tour on the product features and price of each pump on their shelf, but who wants to waste much time as having a double trip to a store just for enquiries.

Online reviews are usually the best option to check and match your financial budget for a bicycle pump. And this is why I am here, to give you that detailed guide.

With Amazon having bike pumps for as low as $12, it becomes easier as you could just hit up the online store and pick up pumps that suit your budget.


In purchasing a bike pump, every feature to be considered affects the other same as the paths you might be plying with your bike.

The distance you cover with your bicycle, and the paths you ride determine the following;

1. Weight and Portability of the bike pump you should purchase.

2. Recommended Air pressure for your tyres.

1. Weight and Portability of bike pump

If you are used to riding far from home- for leisure, sports or business, it is necessary to have the size and weight of your bike pump as your criteria.

A mini bike pump might take you much longer and also much effort to reach an acceptable PSI(Pound per square inch) as to inflate your tyres, nevertheless determining which works for your carriage is a good factor to add to your budget.

2. Recommended Air pressure for your tyres

Different bicycle tyre requires different air pressure to fill them up. Naturally, narrow tyres need more air pressure than the wider ones. This distinction also spreads across to mountain bike tyres and road tyres.

Road tyres will at maximum require an inflation pressure of 80-130 PSI while mountain tyres will need 25-35 PSI. Knowing the recommended air pressure for your tires will help you know which bike pump will assist you in reaching this recommended air pressure with ease.