How Long Do Bike Pumps Last?

This question is an expected one that most bike owners will come to ask when they first purchase a bike pump or maybe when they are just about to purchase it.

The answer is, Bike Pumps last very well. Yes, for long periods of time if you handle them well and know your way around them.

Some people have been using their bike pumps for up to 6 years. Some have used theirs for 1 year, and some for just 2 months. Really, the question of how long bike pumps will last is complicated. It is complicated because the answer differs from one person to another person. Like we mentioned earlier, your bike pump could last for just a few months to up to 12 years! At the end of the day, the real question is, do you know how to effectively use a bike pump? Can you efficiently manage the bike pump over a long duration of time?

Some people acquire a bike pump and use it for some weeks but once they encounter a minor problem on the bike pump, they feel like the bike pump was not made to last, or maybe it just was not durable enough. You have to know about the bike pump you bought. Know about the common problems that you will run into when using a bike pump for your tire inflation over time. Ask questions at the bike pump retail store if you are not clear on some things. Read the manual very carefully. All these little actions will go a long way, in the long run, to help you manage your bike pump over time.

how long does bike pump lasts

How To Troubleshoot The Problem With Your Bike Pump Instead Of Discarding It

Many of the problems you will run into when using your bike pumps are actually pretty easy to fix. And some problems might require that you just get a new bike pump. So, you have to know how to troubleshoot the problems with your bike pump. You can troubleshoot by;

  • Put the nozzle of your bike pump directly on the air hose’s end along with the tire valve of the bike. Let the lever that is by the side of the air hose’s nozzle, lock the nozzle on the valve. You can open and close the lever again and again if the nozzle does not fit on the valve immediately. If you keep opening and closing, eventually, the nozzle will fit and then you can lock the lever by simply pushing it in the opposite direction.
  • Now, try to pump the handle of your bike pump. If your tire does not inflate and you hear a hissing sound, just remove the nozzle first. Now, take a look at the nozzle’s end. Are there two holes there? If there are, then perhaps you are using the wrong hole to pump. Now, put back the nozzle and use the second hole.
  • What if the air is still not going into the tire? What do you do? Remove the nozzle first and check the nozzle for a small core inside it. If the core is reversible, spin it around with your fingers after pulling it out and then put the core back into the nozzle backward. Now, try putting the nozzle back on the tire valve and then pumping the handle again. It should pump the tires this time.

Above are troubleshooting techniques that you can apply when using your bike pump and in case you are encountering problems. We understand that it could be confusing when you are running into problems while using your bike pump for just a few months or even weeks. But seriously, once you know how to troubleshoot the major issues and can think of a way to fix the problem over time, your bike pump should really be able to last for a very long time.

If after trying the above-bulleted troubleshooting techniques and you are still having issues, you can take your receipt to the store you bought the bicycle pump from and have them look into the problem. If it is an issue that can’t be rectified, then you should probably put some money on a new and better pump.

In Summary

Electrically operated bike pumps operate differently from manual bike pumps. A manual bike pump is essentially a piston and cylinder mechanism machine. The work of all bike pumps is to push up and inflate air into the inner tube of a bike tire. It is most likely that using a manual bike pump. It is the most popular option among bikers which is why we are concentrating more on it in this article. Although there is a growing number of digital and rechargeable bike pumps in the market.

Bike pumps are indispensable for all cyclists who want to maintain their bikes. Cyclists use bike pumps regularly in order to ensure that their bikes’ tires remain in good condition to enable them to cycle. The tires of the bikes that cyclists ride have to be rugged, durable, and well pumped. These tires have to be able to ply roads as well as difficult terrains. When cyclists are on long journeys, for instance, it is important that they take mini pumps along with them. This is because a bike can break down at any time. And mini bike pumps allow the cyclists to be able to complete their journeys in spite. So, they come in very handy.

There are also other types of bike pumps like the floor pump, frame pump, etc. Bike pumps are usually built to be handy and durable. So, as a cyclist, if you maintain your bike pump as well as your bike well, your bike pump should stay with you and work with you for years.

We sincerely hope that this article answered your question. The question of how long anything will last depends on many factors and we have explained what you need to do to keep your bike pump active for a good amount of time. Cheers.