Redline Monocog 29er Review


All sporting activities require some form of equipment or the other. However, the choice of equipment in some sports has a more direct impact on performance than in other sports. For example, a basketballer’s jersey has little or nothing to do with his performance on the court, while a golfer’s club has a lot to do with his overall performance on the course. If you are a cycler, then your bicycle choice will have a lot to do with your general performance when riding. Some bikes are built for rough terrains and control, while others are built for smooth roads and speed. In all these, it is essential to know what you are looking for before heading out to buy a bike. If you are looking for a uniquely designed steel frame bike with multiple outstanding features, then you should check out this fantastic product manufactured by Redline. This Redline Monocog 29er is a top choice among many athletes, and we have taken our time to review the product for you. Enjoy!


Key Features

Full Chromoly steel frame and fork

This bike is designed with a steel frame and fork that give it a simple look. This steel frame is strong, and it allows the bike to withstand impact from the ground quickly. The steel frame also means the bike is built for durability, and it can be easily repaired if it gets damaged. The fork is also designed to give you a smooth, quality ride.

Designed with Tektro mechanical disc brakes

Disc brakes are designed to offer you enough stopping power, and that is why Redline manufactured this Monocog bike with Tektro mechanical disc brakes. These disc brakes offer you great control of any terrain you ride on.

Designed with aluminum-alloy 29-inch wheels

This bicycle’s wheels are made from aluminum alloy and tis helps you keep rolling over obstacles and impact. This means that you can ride on rough terrains with minimum impact and maximum comfort.

It comes with vee rail 29×2.25-inch tires grip

The tires of this monocog bike are designed to grip well on any terrain. You don’t have to worry about spiraling out of control and getting injured.

Made with a wide 704mm riser handlebar

The wide handlebar is designed that way so you can control your movement on the mountain trail. This handlebar offers you greater control and allows you to manipulate the bike and make sharp turns when necessary


Brand name: Redline

Speed number: single speed

Color: green


Designed for durability

The frame, tires, and wheels of this bike are all built for durability. The steel frame and fork allow it to withstand multiple impacts and hits. In case it gets damaged, a welder can quickly repair it since it is steel.

It gives you increased control

The handlebars and the disc brakes are uniquely designed to give you increased control when you ride. Since it is a mountain bike, it is designed to allow you to move, brake, and turn as you wish.

Designed for comfort

This bike is designed with mechanisms that keep you rolling over obstacles with minimum disturbance to you. The wheels are made of aluminum alloy, and they keep you covered throughout your riding session.

Made for all terrains

This bike has been uniquely designed for use on all terrains. If you are riding on rough mountain grounds, then this bike is a perfect choice. If you are riding on a smooth trail, this bike will also serve you well.

Designed with an elegant look

This bike has a simple, elegant look that manages to blend and stand out simultaneously on the track. If you are the kind of cycler that likes classic equipment, you should consider getting this bike.


The bike might need regular maintenance

If you buy this bike, you would need to maintain it from time to time to keep it in optimum shape. Cyclers who use this bike have said it can go wrong without you noticing for some time.


As a cycler, having a good bike that is perfectly suited to your riding style is worth as much as your cycling training and exercises. For this reason, you should make sure you purchase only the best products you can find. This Redline Monocog 29er is one of such bikes, and we have provided sufficient information about it. If you are thinking of purchasing this product, we advise that you go ahead. You will be happy you did. Cheers!