Where Can I Buy A Bike Pump?

A bike pump is a type of pump that you can use to inflate your bicycle tires. Bike pumps come in all types and of different specifications. A bicycle pump works with the principle of positive air displacement. The valves, the adapters, the pumps, and other parts in a bike pump, all come together to help a bike pump work well. There are different types of bike pumps. There is the floor bike pump, the frame-mounted pump, the compactor mini pump which is also sometimes called the portable pump, the double-action pump, etc.

Bike pumps usually have a maximum amount of pressure that they can give and it is usually 160 PSI. Some bike pumps can only give about 120 PSI while some can give the maximum pressure of 160 PSI to your bicycle tire. This is part of the things you should be looking out for in whichever bike pump you choose. Choosing a bike pump that is right for you depends on many factors such as, the type of valve that your bicycle will need. There are mainly three different types of valves including the Presta valve and the Schrader valve. Check your bicycle to see which valve will fit it.

where can I get mini bike pumps

With all these brief introductions about bike pumps, let’s get to the real deal. Your question was, “Where can I buy a bike pump?“. The answer given in this article is tailored toward the American audience. Although some of the online commerce sites we listed below, do international shipping and your country might be among the locations they can ship bike pumps to. So, let’s check out some places you can get your bike pumps from!

1. Amazon – Bike Pumps on Amazon

This is probably the most obvious answer. Amazon.com is the world’s largest e-commerce company and online marketplace. This amazing e-store was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and it is ranked very highly for artificial intelligence, digital distributions, cloud computing, and more. The company was founded in Washington, United States. And the point of this whole introduction about Amazon is to let you know that it is indeed a great choice for you to buy your bike pumps from. Below is a link to their page on bike pumps where you can see the prices of bike pumps.

When you visit their bike pump page, you will see all sorts of bike pumps and their types. The bike pumps they have currently vary in prices from $8 up to $50. They also have different types of pumps from the floor pump, to the mini bike pump, to the electronically operated bike pumps, and more. When you visit their bike pumps page, do a search and browse of the type of pump you want specifically because there are so many options.

2. Walmart

Walmart is another retail store from which you can buy your bike pumps. Whether online or offline, they’ve got you covered. This multinational company was founded in 1962 in America. They sell products that other sellers bring their stores. Products range from electronics to footwear, pet supplies, groceries, clothing, and yes, what you are looking for, bike pumps! Walmart was ranked in 2019 as the best company globally with the highest revenue and they also have the highest number of employers as a private employer of labor. You can definitely buy your bike pumps from this store.

Below is a link to their page on bike pumps where you can see the prices of bike pumps.


3. The Home Depot

Home Depot is another place where you can buy your bike pumps from. This retail company is the largest store in the United States when it comes to home improvement materials like construction products, supply tools, and more. This company was founded in 1978 and a group of people came together to establish it including Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, and others. As of 2019, The Home Depot has a total of 2,285 locations for their stores worldwide. To buy bike pump online from them, kindly visit home depot.


4. Banggood

www.banggood.com is another fantastic website you can visit to buy your bike pumps. Banggood might not be very popular but they have a good collection of bike accessories. Banggood.com majorly deals with gadgets, electronic supplies, phones, clothes, etc. Many of their products are sold at very affordable prices. You can visit their webpage on bike pumps at Banggood to order your bike pumps from there. Banggood was founded by Aaron Chen in 2006 in China. Although this company is Chinese, they have warehouses in the US too. And the US and China are their biggest markets.

5. Ali Express

Another good place to shop for your bike pumps is on www.aliexpress.com. They sell high quality valued bike pumps. This online retail company is based in China and it is owned by the Alibaba Group. It was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become a top online retail service globally. This online store deals mainly with phones, fashion, accessories, toys, home and garden decor materials, computer electronics, etc. You can visit their bike pump webpage on Ali Express.

There are indeed so many websites and online retail stores that you can shop for your bike pumps from. The five websites given above are definitely good places to start. When you visit these websites, you will most likely be presented with so many options for bike pumps to choose from. You can use the customer reviews for each product to filter out the low rated pumps from the highly-rated pumps. Your question on where to buy bike pumps from has definitely been answered in this article, we believe.

Also, stores like Walmart and Banggood have offline departmental stores that you can visit to buy if you don’t want to buy online. You can as well visit electronics stores, grocery stores, or home appliance stores near you. These stores will most likely have some bike pumps that you can buy and make use of.

The different types of bike pumps have different applications. The foot bike pump, for example, is designed to be operated with foot. The mini bike pumps are usually very compact, portable, and foldable. So, read well on the different types of bike pumps in order to make an informed purchase.