Trek Mountain Track 800 Review


Cycling has been around for a long time, and it has taken different forms over the years. The various cycling forms have prompted bike manufacturers like Trek to produce multiple bikes for diverse purposes. They have built road bikes, touring bikes, commuting bikes, and mountain bikes. Although they continue to create new and better bike models every year, cyclers like to look at vintage products that were first manufactured decades ago. If you are a lover of cars, then you would probably want to have a vintage Mercedes Benz in your garage lying your garage. Some cyclers have this similar impulse, and they like to read and learn about vintage bikes. If the opportunity presents itself, they also want to have old bikes manufactured by reliable bike producers. If you are one of such cyclers and you love mountain biking, you would love this Trek Mountain Track 800 manufactured in 2002. Although Trek no longer manufactures this bike, you can still find it on the market, and its features are still as fantastic as when they were first made. We have compiled some of the unique features, advantages, and drawbacks of this excellent vintage product. Enjoy!


Key Features

Made with a TIG-welded Chromoly frame

This bike comes with a TIG-welded Chromoly frame that is resistant to rust. The frame is light steel, and this makes the bike lightweight. You can easily control the bike while you are riding on uneven mountain terrains.

Designed with Bontrager Connection tires

Treka manufactures these tires, and they are made for durability and comfort. They allow you to ride over harsh terrain without the vibrations that affect the rider. They are also made with a unique material that slows down wear and tear.

It comes with a 7-speed gear system

This bike comes with a multiple-gear system that allows you to control your speed on the track. If you are going uphill, pedaling faster will give you more incredible speed and vice versa.

Designed for rough terrains

If you plan on mountain biking for fun, then you can take this bike out anytime. It is built for any rough terrain, and the old vintage make is designed to handle the pressure.

It comes with an intricate drivetrain

The drivetrain of this bike was well-designed by Trek. The bike comes with a 13-30 cassette, a sun race FC-M35 crankset: aluminum linear-pull brakes, and a 114-ring chain.


Brand name: Trek

Color: Chrome


Built for durability

This bike is built for durability. The Chromoly frame is resistant to rust, and even after two decades, the bike’s frame and moving parts will remain strong.

Designed for comfort

This bike is designed for comfort. The tires are strong, and it comes with rims that allow for minimum vibration when you come in contact with obstacles. It also has an upright riding position that keeps you comfortable while riding

Easy to customize

This bike is old, and admittedly, some bike parts might no longer function as you want. However, it is good to know that this bike can be easily customized. You can tweak, adjust and replace certain important parts with new equipment


This bike is vintage, and it cannot be found easily. However, when you do find the bike, it is sure to come at an affordable price. You may or may not be required to change parts of the cycle; that depends entirely on your dealership.


Not designed for people with prominent statures

If you are above 6’0, then this bike will probably be too small for you. As a mountain bike, this product was designed for maneuverability, and it is relatively small in size. If you are a tall, handsome man and want to go mountain biking, you would need to get a product designed to fit your stature.


Mountain biking is one of the most exciting and challenging forms of biking. You get to enjoy nature while actively avoiding obstacles on the ground. If you want to enjoy mountain biking, you need a strong bike built for that purpose. Although there are many modern bikes available on the market, you can decide to buy an affordable vintage mountain bike to see how old riders enjoyed their journeys. If you are a cycler with such curiosities, you would be happy to get this Mountain Track 800 bike manufactured by Trek. Cheers!