Trek 520 Touring Bike Review


People engage in various types of cycling for multiple reasons. The reason why you are cycling will reflect in the kind of bicycle you use. If you are cycling for exercise, then a commuting bike or a road bike will do the trick. If you are cycling for competitive reasons, then you should get a strong road or mountain bike. However, if you are going camping or exploring a new country as a backpacker, you should get a touring bike. Touring bikes are not very common, and bicycle manufacturers make them sparingly. People who buy tour bikes usually need to carry a lot of loads, and this antithetical with the core purpose of biking. However, if you have taken a look at your needs and decide you need a touring bike, you should consider getting the Trek 520 Touring Bike. This is the only touring bike made by Trek, and it was first manufactured in 1983. Since then, it has been modified and released every year. In this review, we want to look at the unique features of the Trek 520 touring bike. Enjoy!


Key Features

TIG-welded butted Chromoly Frames; comes in different sizes

This touring bike is made with a TIG-welded butted Chromoly frame, which speaks to the durability of the product. Chromoly is a light but strong steel, and this provides for a durable, lightweight frame. The butted tubing also means increased thickness and strength to carry your heavy loads. This frame also comes in different sizes designed to fit every individual.

Designed with TRP Spyre C2.0 mechanical disc brakes

This touring bike comes with mechanical disc brakes, and they possess all of its advantages. However, another added advantage is that the cable-operated brakes have a unique design that simultaneously pulls the two brake pads. This provides a braking experience close to the hydraulics braking system. The brakes are designed to work on any terrain.

Made with 38mm Bontrager H1 Hard-case tires

The tires that come with this touring bike are hard case tires, and they are well suited for smooth riding on light gravel. The tires are also flexible enough to fit almost any kind of terrain.

Utilizes 36-spoke Bontrager Affinity rims

The rims of this bike are designed for sturdiness. Although they are flexible enough to accommodate wider rubber tires, they are still strong, and they provide the bike with a low center of gravity.


Brand name: Trek

Color: red/chrome

Bike type: Touring bike


Designed for long comfortable rides

If you plan on taking your touring bike for a long ride, you can be sure it will be a comfortable ride. The bike is designed with an upright posture, chainstay length, and a low center of gravity that allows for stability. You are on for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

It comes in different sizes

This bike comes in different frame sizes so that it can accommodate a wider range of body statures. Your body size doesn’t matter when you want to buy a Trek touring bike. All you to do is make sure you get the right fit.

Increased weight capacity

This touring bike has increased weight capacity, and it can carry extra luggage comfortably. Once you attach the luggage to the appropriate places, you would not notice them till you pack your bike.

Built for durability

This bike is uniquely built from strong and high-quality materials. The steel frame doesn’t rust easily, and the bike’s rims are made to withstand and absorb impact.


It has a poor body finish

Even though this bike’s frame is made from steel, it is resistant to rust, making it durable. However, the body paint is not very strong, and it peels off after you use it for a while. You might need to repaint your bike.

It is quite expensive

This bike is quite pricey, and you should only think of buying it if your budget is expansive enough.


A touring bike is a special type of bike that serves unique purposes. It is designed to help you transport heavy luggage comfortably over long rides. This bike is not common, and only specific people need it. If you happen to be one of those people, you should already be convinced that the Trek 520 Touring bike is the best choice. We have shown you the wonderful features, specifications, pros, and cons of this bike. If the price fits your current budget, then we advise that you go ahead and buy it. Cheers!