Kona Libre and Kona Rova Review


Bikes seem to have made their way into the hearts of several men and women. People seem to be in love with bikes these days, so much that one of the most valuable gifts that get gifted to someone is a brand new bike. Nowadays, everyone wants to own and ride a bike. Bikes are the most multitasked vehicles, performing several functions more than Its primary transportation function, unlike its colleague’s cars. It is no wonder then why bikes have kept outselling cars year in, year out. Bikes get used to many things, including going for adventures with friends, visiting the neighborhood, touring the city, and so on. Gravel bikes are the most preferred bikes. It is probably because of its ability to cruise over terrain, weather countryside, rocky or muddy terrains. For this reason, Kona Libre and Kona Rove came into existence into the world of gravel bikes and provided everything a gravel bike should be

Kona Libre & Kona Rove

The idea of gravel is a bike that is not afraid of any surface, whether rocky, sandy, or muddy. Kona understood this; that’s why it created Kona Libre and Kona Rove. Kona Libre and Kona Rove are good bikes that have a significant impact on gravel bikes. They didn’t only fulfill what a grave bike should be but did even more.

Kona Libre tested the Madeira island landscape known for its inconsistent seasons and narrow paths in the forests. Kona Libre was able to cruise over all the types of terrain found in Madeira. It has a long seat post combined with a short stem that gives it a mountainous geometry. It offers a perfect upright rising position, conquering any gravel path and making them feel like smooth terrain. The WTB 650B guarantees speed and the frame and fork provide availability for bottle cages and bags. Kona Libre is a good mountain climber, making it fit into a perfect mountain bike description. It gives a very comfortable and fun ride. Although the geometry of Kona Libre is not so familiar, it guarantees speed and comfort after you adapt to it.

Kona Rove is a robust and durable bike. It can go on and on for long distances. It puts its riders into a comfortable riding position and gives them control over the road. It has maximum power transmission. It also smashes gravel terrains. Its low cockpit also aids in the comfort it offers for a harsh ride. The tires provide a smooth ride. It can get used on long trips and any adventures. Kona Rove is used to visiting new environments, especially those you have zero ideas of what the terrain might look like or maybe.


It has a ShimanoUltegra RX 2×11 groupset.

It has WTB 650 wheels which are huge and tubeless.

It has a Kona Verso Carbon fork.


Kona Libre;

Brand: Kona

Name: Kona Libre

Weight: 8.8kg

Frame: Kona Race Light Carbon

Saddle: WTB SL8 Pro

Fork: Kona Verso Carbon fork

Cranks: Shimano 105

Seatpost: Kona Thumb

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra

Cockpit: Kona Road Lenker

Kona Rove:

Brand: Kona

Name: Kona Rove

Weight: 10.9 kg

Frame: Reynolds 853 Cromoly

Saddle: WTB Volt Comp

Seatpost: Kona Thumb

Brakes: SRAM Force

Cranks: SRAM Force 1

Wheelset: WTB Asym

Tires: WTB Horizon Road Plus

Cockpit: Kona Road Lenker


They are very durable and strong.

They can overcome any terrain.

They provide a good riding position.

They have effective power transmission.

They are very agile and balanced.

Kona Libre are good mountain climbers.


Kona Rova is not so light.

Kona Libre has low-profile tires.


Kona Libre and Kona Rove understood the assignment when it came to a gravel bike. They are bikes capable of doing almost everything a bike can do. Kona Libre gets used to climbing mountains as they are outstanding in moving uphill and downhill and are also very agile and balanced. It can also get used to going for a race with its wheel that ensures speed and acceleration. Kona Rove is very good at going on long trips with your friends and loved ones.

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