Kona Libre AL Review


There are different types of bikes that you will get in the market, and they all serve different purposes. This diversify is a good thing because it won’t be possible that a single bike will ply all terrains that you decide on. One of such bikes that are well known because of its popular application is the gravel bike, unless its counterpart, taking, for example, the road bike used to ply only roads because of the design, geometry, and features. The gravel bike can be used off-road because of its geometry, design, and features.

Most people who look to have an adventure ride use a gravel bike because it is more suited for that because it can be used on different surfaces. In addition to the various terrains feature, it is also durable, which an added benefit is.

It would be best to consider different factors when you want to buy the best gravel bike in the market; using these conditions to make your final decision will help you avoid buyer’s remorse. One of the first things you should consider is the frame of the bike you want to get, and it is important to note that since this is an adventure kind of bike and due to the terrain that you will ply using it most of the time, you will need a strong bike.

There are different materials used in frames, and although they are of different properties and whatnot, only a few have shown to be more reliable and durable when you compare them with the rest. Having a gravel bike with a frame made either of carbon, aluminum, and in the worst-case scenario, steel, you are ensured durability.

And durability is one of the factors that is always considered before a purchase is made. It can be pointed to different things; however, the simplest and clearest will be the best return for money. If the bike you buy isn’t durable, you will have to replace it faster than you might have imagined.

Another thing to look at is the tire, and road bikes don’t make use of big tires because that will be against the efficiency that it aims at getting, which is speed. However, since a gravel bike isn’t focused on speed only because of the utility, it uses huge tires, usually 40 mm to 42 mm.

The type of brake is also important, gravel bikes use disc brakes mostly, and it is because it helps the rider with having total control over the bike. So, the bike you intend to buy must have a good one. Finally, the weight and the cost of the bike matter and as such it should be considered. It is often advised that the weight of your gravel should work in your favor, and considering that you will use it in unknown or rough terrains, you don’t want to get worn out easily.

Kona Libre AL

It has a frame made of aluminum which we have shown is one of the materials that guarantee durability. Also, the brakes that it comes with are one of the best that you might have out there; the disc brakes known as the Mechanical TRP Spyre-C are used, giving you an edge over control.

Although one of the disadvantages that comes with this bike is the weight because it is about 10.39 kg, other features compensates for it. The seat post has been designed to get comfort regardless of the terrain that you might use at whatever time. The stem is short, which gives you the required position when riding. The tires are sturdy, and as we know already, one of the features of a good gravel bike is the tire’s size; this one uses a 700 x 45C Riddler, which is superb. Lastly, the cost isn’t as expensive as other gravel bikes that you might get out there.

Key Features

It features a good brake system

Aluminum is the bike’s frame material


Brand Name: Kona Libre AL

Bike’s Weight: 10.39 kg


It is durable

It is easy to use

It is not expensive


It is heavy


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