Cane Creek eeSilk Review


A bike is a mechanical motor with two tires designed for different purposes and people of interest. Different components make a bicycle, and the quality of each component will determine the value for money that you get from the purchase.

Different parts of a bike are integral, and one of them is the frame. The frame of a bike determines the durability that your bike will have because it is the foundation upon which other aspects of the bike are built on. Different materials are used in a frame; however, there are only a few that are probable because of their properties. Aluminum and carbon are two materials that are advised to be used in a bike because of the durability properties that they both have.

One of the features that serious buyers consider before they commit their money to purchase is the comfort that the bike will give them when they use it. One of the integral parts of a bicycle that gives this is the seat post, and although it is often overlooked if you purchase a bike with a seat post that doesn’t have some features to give comfort to the cyclist, it can be considered a waste of money.

A seat post is a tube that extends from the frame of a bicycle and connects with the saddle. It can be made of different materials, which includes, aluminum, carbon, steel, or an aluminum that is wrapped using carbon fiber. The length of the extension can be adjusted to a maximum or a minimum level, which the manufacturer sets.

Different types of seat posts can be used on a bicycle. The first and the most common is plain, and the reason for this is because it is used in older bikes made for the older generation. It usually has a tube that can be decreased in diameter by at least 2.5 cm. In addition to this, it has a clamping mechanism used to connect it to the saddle.

The second type of seat post is the micro-adjustable; this kind is usually made of two kinds: those that can be configured to the saddle on a continuous basis and the kind configured to a few particular angles. The third type is the integrated seat post; this type is usually molded into the frame and comes with it. The only disadvantage to this one is that the adjustment levels are not so great.

The fourth is the aero seat post, which is usually used as an alternative to the integrated seat post. Usually, you can adjust the length of this type, and it is attached using a bolt. The fifth is the suspension seat post, and this is used by most new generation bikes because of the comfort that is gotten from using this type of seat post. It is designed so that the saddle moves up and down using a mechanism, which works well in cases of bumps.

Cane Creek eeSilk

Cane Creek makes one of the best seat posts that you can get in the market. The type that they specialize in is suspension, and you can tell from the benefit that is gotten from the use. It uses a parallelogram mechanism that allows the saddle inclination to remain unchanged regarding the compression that goes.

And it is designed with a length of about 349.5 mm and a diameter of about 27 mm. It weighs about 291.9 g which is good, and the saddle can take up a cyclist’s weight from about 50 kg to 100 kg without a friction in its mechanics. The only downside that might be noticeable will be the lateral play that occurs, although it isn’t noticeable when it was riding and the price, which is a high side.

Key Features

It is a suspension type of seat post

It features a parallelogram mechanism


Brand Name: Cane Creek

Length: 349.5 mm

Diameter: 24 mm

Weight: 291.9 kg


It is comfortable as it makes bumps almost not noticeable


It is expensive

It has a lateral play


There are different seat post types, and the Cane Creek eeSilk is suspension-made; and we have looked at the features, pros, and cons.

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