Road racing with bikes played a significant impact in the childhood of most people. Going on bike races with your fellow kids was very fun, but what was most fun was beating everyone in the race. It felt good beating them even when you couldn’t do the same in academics in school. It made every kid feel like a superhero and gave them a sense of belonging. Road racing became part of people’s adulthood too. Even as kids grew up, they would still meet up for a bike race to repair their bonds or build new ones via bike racing. Bike racing is indeed something that could never get out outgrown no matter how mature a person becomes. As time passed, some kids gradually found their destiny and passion and took it to a higher level of professional bike racing. They decided to race for a prize. The sport of bike racing has been prevalent over the years; millions of people gather in the field to watch their favourite racer go toe to toe with other racers. The bikes the racers use have never stopped to matter. Bikes can easily get arranged in a hierarchy of speed. Some bikes are inarguably more speedy than others. In this hierarchy of speed, FOCUS IZALCO MAX 9.8 seem to be topping the charts.


Bike racers win the race for majorly two reasons: their talent and skill and the bike they use to race. The latter, which is the bike they use, have the same effect as the talent of the racer. In the case of testimonies, experts worldwide have tested and testified to the incredible speed and focus of FOCUS IZALCO MAX 9.8, making it one of the known fastest bikes in the invention.

FOCUS IZALCO MAX is a high-speed bike. It is a German brand with advanced features that successfully built it into an aero-racer. The handlebar, Easton’s handlebar and cockpit have been able to provide balance and flexibility. The wheels can easily be removed or set up using the Rapid Axle Technology (R.A. T). The longer fork combined with, the shorter head tube aids in the aerodynamics of the bike. It has very high compliance. The seat tube aids in comfort by providing space for the seat post. The combined aerodynamics of the motorcycle have contributed significantly to its speed.

FOCUS IZALO MAX 9.8, as the name implies, provides an excellent focus for the riders. The focus is to win every race, as long as you’re on the bike. It is very light and can pass through any corner, whether tight or loose. The longer stem also aids in the turning, as well as improves the handling of the bike. It has very comfortable tires combined with the excellent seating position provided by the seat post that aids significantly in the power transmission of the cycle. It is also outstanding in moving uphill, making it suitable for mountain climbers too. It has a very refined look, making it also very admirable.


It has an SRAM RED drivetrain.

It has FOCUS Aero Carbon Seatpost.

The stem has an angle of -15 degrees.

Routing of the cable is via the frame.

It has SRAM RED brakes.


Brand: FOCUS


Drivetrain: SRAM RED eTap

Gearing: 52/36T with 11–28T

Brakes: SRAM RED eTap

Seatpost: Aero Carbon D-Shape Setback


Handlebar: Easton EC90 Aero

Wheels: DT Swiss ARC

Tires: Continental GP


It is a very light bike.

It is very speedy with good acceleration.

It has comfortable tyres.

It has optimum power transmission.

It has a presentable look.


It doesn’t guarantee maximum comfort.

It is not suitable for beginners.

It gets not recommended for long rides.


As a lover of bike riding, if you want to take your ambitions of bike riding to another level, it is advisable you go for a suitable bike that helps you do so. FOCUS IZALCO MAX 9. 8 is everything you need in a motorcycle. It is a German bike built and designed for speed and agility. It overcomes any terrain and provides the maximum balance you need to win the race.

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