Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 Review


Road bike racing is one of the popular sports in recent times. The sport, which kicked up as a mere lucrative game by a group of friends, became a global sport, where riders worldwide come together to ride and compete. Apart from being a professional sport, road racing is also a recreational game for friends and loved ones. Friends meet up in the countryside to have fun riding and ease off all the stress that comes with life. Friends that ride together indeed stay together. Road bike racing as a professional sport has created jobs for many riders, turning some of them into multimillionaires, and millions of people enjoy gathering to watch their favorite riders compete to win the bike race. The significance of road bike racing has drawn a lot of attention to bikes. It has helped arrange bikes in the hierarchy of importance ranging from slow to fast cycles, heavy to light bikes, low quality to high-quality bikes, and bikes that give the most negligible results to bikes that provide the best. In choosing bikes for bike racing or any bike-related sports, going for the best in every hierarchy is advisable. It is where Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 comes to play.

Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2

Aeros are the best road bikes. Aeros bikesare bikes that have the ability to move with aerodynamic techniques. They balance wind resistance and position the body for a comfortable ride. They are the best type of bikes to use for a road bike race. In the world of aero bikes, a hierarchy also exists according to the best, especially in speed. However, Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 seems to be sitting on top of the food chain.

Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 has been shown as one of the fastest aero bikes, breaking many speed records. It has the shape of a jet, with its fork protruding into the head tube. It has high stability and agility, which makes it easily navigate across tight corners. It has a stiff frame that adds to its balance. The System Bar cockpit has an easily adjustable handlebar, and it has electronic shifting and Carbon wheels that reduce drag.

Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 is a bike built for speed. It is a six-part system of the stem, frame, fork, wheels, seat post, bravery capable of beating the wind, and any terrain. It is very flexible with perfect geometry. It reduces dragging with its electronic shifting combined with the carbon wheels. In going for a bike road race, Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 gets assured to deliver you the first spot on a platter compared to other bikes. It ensures speed with its pro-speed tires and shape and guarantees a comfortable race with its aero seat post. It is very flexible has been mentioned as one of the most flexible bikes of all time.


It has an advanced Cannondale SystemBar cockpit.

It has Power2Max cranks.

It has a carbon frameset.

It makes use of electronic shifting.


Name: SystemSix Hi-Mod Dura-Ace Di2

Brand: Cannondale

Available Sizes: 47cm, 51cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm, 62cm

Shifters: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

Stack: 58cm

Head Tube: 17.2cm

Wheelbase: 100cm

Top Tube: 57.6cm

Seat Tube: 55.3cm

Chainstays: 40.5cm

Wheelset: Hollowgram KNOT 64

Weight: 7.74kg

Stem: Cannondale KNØT SystemBar

Seatpost: Cannondale KNØT Carbon

Bottom Bracket: Cannondale Alloy

Seat Angle: 73.5

Saddle: Prologo Dimension NACK

Rear Tyre: Vittoria Rubino Pro speed

Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace

Handlebar: Cannondale KNØT SystemBar


It is a speedy bike.

It is affordable.

It has Pro speed tires.

They can also get used as mountain climbers.


It is not so comfortable.

You can’t adjust the seat post clamp easily because of its position.


Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD DURA-ACE Di2 is the bike you need. Being designed for speed and agility makes you win the race as either a professional rider or a regular recreational race with friends. You’re sure to have fun and comfort in every race with this bike when you go racing, mountain climbing, and other adventures.

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