Campagnolo H11 disc brakes Review


One of the components that come with a well-functioning bicycle is the brakes. Brakes are essential and useful because of the safety that it helps riders have, avoiding accidents and giving them the full control of the bike.

The methodology of a brake is quite simple, in the sense that the way it works is by applying pressure to the wheels; this pressure that is applied enables the bike to come gradually to a stop as the applicant wishes. Most brakes used in bicycles have three mechanisms that they work with; the way it is distributed helps it attain or perform at maximum operation. The first mechanism is where the rider gets to apply the brake, which could be a brake lever or pedal. The second mechanism is the part that allows for the transmission of the brake signal from the pedal or the brake lever to the third mechanism or component, the way the motion is passed is usually through a cable. The third mechanism is the brake caliper which generally works by holding two or more surfaces together.

Three types of brakes are more dominant or frequently used in production: the rim brakes, the drum brakes, and the disc brakes. These three are the main types of brakes that we have out there.

Campagnolo H11 disc brakes

One brand of brakes that is widely known in the market is the Campagnolo H11 disc brakes, and as we know, this is obviously because of the features that it has and the benefits that people get from using them. One of the claims that this brand has made is that it is more effective than Shimano and Sram in both wet and dry conditions; what this means is that it applies faster than both regardless of the weather factors relieving the rider the need for using in the brakes with force or more strength.

There are different features to enjoy when you use this brake for your bike. It comes with a two-pad engagement option which is great. Also, all the levers make use of the same master cylinder which means that it won’t cost much for you to make the necessary change when you have to because it will be easy. The AMS(Adjustable Modulation System) that it comes with allows you to change to your need the lever reach and the pad engagement, be it the long or the short throw. These features are exactly what a disc brake enthusiast or user will like because of their flexibility.

This brakes caliper remains unchanged regardless of the group set that you use with it. Also, with the way it has been designed, you cant change the disc size going backward; another thing that might be a problem for some bikers is the noise that the brake might tend to make after a given period; however, with this Campagnolo H11 disc brakes, you don’t have to face this problem because it doesn’t make noise.

Another benefit that you will enjoy using is the weight, which is light. The lightweight of the brakes helps you to have control and apply the brakes without any difficulty. Also, you don’t have to fear the cost because compared to the others you may get in the market, it is worth the money you spend on the purchase. In terms of durability, you can trust it on this one because of the design and the material used for the production.

Key Features

It features an adjustable modulation system

It features a hood that is 8mm high

The front caliper is compatible with only a 160mm rotor

It features the same caliper for all groupset

It is Lightweight


It is easy to use and handle

It is durable

It is a good value for the money spent on the purchase

It is not pricey as its counterparts


It is not pricey as its counterparts, although it is expensive


There are different brake brands in the market, and they all claim to be the best, but this isn’t always the case. However, there are good brands in the market that come with amazing features that will be worth your money, and the Campagnolo H11 disc brake is one of them.

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