Goodyear Eagle F1 Roadbike Review


What’s a shiny new bike without the right type of tires? If you’re big on fancy vehicles, then you most likely know your wheels too. Tires are like the spine in every vehicle’s mechanism, be it a commercial automobile, a race car, or that old moose you use in your daily commute to work, and let’s not forget interplanetary rovers too. However, our focus would be on bike tires. Before we delve deeper into road bike tires, there comes the deal, “what makes riding a bike so special?”

For one thing, learning to ride a bike is one of those thrilling childhood experiences, and what’s more, it’s like learning to walk. It might be a little tricky at first, but with a lot of practice and patience, you get in touch with your balance and get the hang of it over time. What’s more? It’s one of those things you never really forget how to do; rather, you simply get better the more you ride. Even exerting yourself on a stationary bike at the gym can feel great.

Like every other vehicle or machinery, when it comes to road bikes, you would want to give attention to the size. Of course, your tires have to be the right fit or size for your bike. It is true that size does matter. This especially depends on the type of terrain you’re riding. Road bikes are great to use on paved roads compared to hilly roads or muddy terrain (this is where dirt bikes come in). Proper use and maintenance are important for longevity, and so is riding on a terrain suitable for your bike. More often than not too, your height determines the size of your bike.

Most times, manufacturers place a lot of emphasis on aesthetics to increase market value. After all, these are the first things you see when looking up new products to purchase. Remember, though, that the beauty actually lies in the quality. What’s the point of riding a shiny new dud anyway? Before you decide what road bike to buy, you probably already have a vague idea of what’s on the market, depending on how much you are into road bikes. And like we said, a road bike is nothing without the right set of wheels. This now brings us to the Goodyear F1 road bike.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Roadbike

For those vehicle tire enthusiasts out there, chances are you’ve heard of Goodyear Tyre and Rubber co. For over 120 years, Goodyear has garnered a lot of critical acclaim as one of the top vehicle tire manufacturers in the world. It’s interesting to know that when the company started in 1898, its very first product was a bicycle tire. There is arguably some competition in the world of bicycle tires. Goodyear has, however, been able to hold its own in such a competitive market. For example, the Eagle F1 has gained the reputation of being the most successful tire in formula one history, with an impressive 368 wins from 494 starts in its 34 years in the sport.

There exist two iterations of the Eagle F1, the all-rounder Eagle F1, and the racing skewed Eagle F1 supersport. Basically, the key difference between the two lies in the rubber compounds used, thread thickness, and the overall weight of tires.


The Eagle F1 is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure optimum all-round race performance. It has Ultra High-Performance range tires developed for straight-line speed and is adaptable for cornering competence. This makes it especially suited for open road cyclists.

The tires are of two options;

Tube type and tubeless complete(tube type clincher)

Other features include:

Wall color: Black or Tan

Under-Tread Breaker Belt

Compound: Graphene-Silica-Road. This helps to improve;

Rolling Efficiency | +10.1%

Traction| +8.0%

Wear | +7.2%

Tubeless liner with a bead to bead cut and puncture protection.


Overall, the Goodyear Eagle F1 road bike is reputed to be fast, durable, and reliable. What’s more, it’s designed for your comfort, giving you a surreal cycling experience. This cutting-edge technology is not only gaining a foothold on the market but also promises to give you your money’s worth.

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