Festka One LT Dazzle Review


Just like man, the love of bikes has grown to be very thick over the years. Most people see bikes as a means of transportation and a companion that accompanies them everywhere they go. People seem to love bikes but for what it can do and for what it is. People love the bike for the things it can do like, easy transportation from one place to another, mountain climbing, cyclocross, touring a city or town, road racing with friends and loved ones, and going for adventures. Also, people seem to love bikes because of what it is, the beauty of bikes, the small and portable size, the color, the design, and the high-quality carbon fibers used to make them. However, finding a bike, you can love for both what it is and what it can offer can be challenging. Such a bike may be one in a million, one like Festka One LT Dazzle.

Festka One LT Dazzle

People want different things in a bike, like a particular length of the stem, a particular seat post, and a handlebar. While most bikes come in their own already made build, Festka One LT Dazzle decided to do something different. They decided to offer you a golden opportunity of choosing your customized color, design, and geometry. So in that way, you get to build yourself the bike of your dreams that you want and not one that gets given to you.

Festka One LT Dazzle is a modern bike. Its sound is its forerunner. It is known to be very loud, announcing its presence even before it gets seen. It is an absolute stunner. It has top-notch paint, Dazzle paint, that is very attractive enough to glue your eyes to it. However, it gives you the option of choosing your paint job to paint the bike into your dreams. It has a short stem and offers maximum power transmission with the bottom bracket of its frame. It is also known for good acceleration. It get made from very light carbon frames from Japan that makes it light and subsequently speedy. It is very extravagant, having geometric zebra prints. All these contribute to Festka One LT Dazzle’s beauty and make them eye-catching and very presentable.

Festka One LT Dazzle, founded by Micheal Mourecek and Ondrêj Novotny, is a bike that fulfills every good thing a motorcycle should be. It has a costumed geometry. The frame is made from high-end carbon fibers. The filaments of the tube get woven by the hand via tube-to-tube construction. It ensures the edges are very reliable and won’t break down on the road; in this way, you only have to worry about yourself and not about the bike due to its credibility. The seat post is an Integrated Seat Post (ISP) that increases stiffness, thus aiding in balance and contributing to weight-bearing. The customized geometry lets you build it into what ideally suits your taste with a good stem length and Seatpost. Aside from customized color and geometry, another fantastic feature of Festka One LT Dazzle is that it enables you to personalize it by quickly adding your customized name and logo.


It has an admirable dazzle paint.

It has THM Scapula F Fork.

Its Rear derailleur hanger gets made from Titanium.

It is very customized.

It has an Integrated Seatpost (ISP)


Brand: Festka

Name: Festka One LT Dazzle

Drivetrain: Campagnolo Super Record

Brakes: THM Fibula

Tires: Tufo Elite Ride 23

Wheelset: Campagnolo Bura Ultra 50

Weight: 6.07 kg

Head Tube Diameter: 44 mm

Front Derailleur Clamp: 34.9 mm

Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm

Shell: PF 86.5/41 mm

Head TubeDiameter 44 mm

Seatpost Diameter: 31.6 mm

Shifting: mechanical, EPS

Maximum: 30 mm wide


The Dazzle paint gives it a beautiful appearance

It comes in high-quality design

It is very light and stiff

It has a customized geometry and frame.


It is not very suitable for amateurs.

There is limited flexibility in using the fork.


Festka One LT Dazzle, as the name implies, is one of a kind and also has a dazzling appearance. The Dazzle finish paint gives it an attractive look. Also, it allows you to choose your customized colors and even logos, making it the best bike you can ever get.

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