Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc Review


Bianchi is one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world, the company as old as it is very much active, and their designs are futuristic. The company has a deep cycling history rooted in the rich heritage that stands out in its recent design. Making a bike that is comfortable and fast is a proven feature of the Bianchi brand. Bianchi, as a brand still focused on their heritage view, the Oltre XR4 certification of their technical abilities.

The Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc, equipped with Campagnolo’s Super Record ERS groupset and Bora wheels, boosts stiffness, speed, and aerodynamic. The Oltre XR4 is the future visualization of the OltreXR with disc brakes taking over from the traditional Italian bling on the latter. The Bike comes with concealed cabling and a front end integrated ergonomically alongside loads of Japanese electronic shifting.

Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc Review

Bianchi uses the Countervail on its classic endurance bikes like the Infinito CV, which works through the combination of precise carbon fibres in the company of viscoelastic resin to help disperse vibrations that occur during rides. Countervail was introduced in the Oltre XR4 to have an aerodynamic bike that is tolerable for long hours of ride and withstanding rough terrains. Countervail in cycles helps prevent riders from getting tired during long rides because of the aerodynamics position offered to the rider: The aerodynamics position is more useful during fast rides.

The Bike’s design makes it look fast, appealing to most riders and making it a quick choice even without adequate enquiry into its specifications. Previous aero bikes just focused on the speed level of the Bike, which until recently is not the main focus any more for these bikes, and there has been a successful combination of speed and comfort, which is precisely the built of the XR4. The disc version of the Bianchi XR4 makes the clearance of the tires more expansive than the rim brake versions. The motorcycle produces a smooth-riding effect by filtering vibrations from riding; surprisingly, you can overtake an opponent without making noise during a race. The quick response of the Bike to the rider’s command comes from the stiffness of the rear-end, the integrated bar, and the aggressive geometry of the front end.

You do not have to worry about losing control of your Bike when you are descending or cornering because of the smoothness delivered by the Bianchi Oltre XR4. There is harmony between the front and rear-end of the Bike, which helps provide significant maneuvering of the Bike alongside splendid stability during cornering. A ride on the Oltre XR4 would convince you that it is a game-changer with its predictive and balanced handling. The Bike’s Seatpost, aerodynamically shaped to further provide comfort to riders, primarily because of its compliance. The Bike’s frame is slightly rigid, but this does not come in the wrong way because it gives the rider a sense of excitement. Bianchi maintains the heritage of its Bike looking classic, the Celeste was considered ugly by some users, but it only suited the classic gift Bianchi is trying to keep. The classic look of this model flows right with its neatness and aerodynamic.

Key Features

Aerodynamic speed

Countervail inclusion

Quick-release lever


Brand: Bianchi

Frame: Ultegra Di2 Disc

Weight: 7.8kg

Brakes: Shimano Dura-Ace BR-9170 160mm

Handlebar: SA Vision Metron 5D ACR Integrated

Wheels: Fulcrum Racing Quattro DB 40


It offers predictable and balanced handling

The rides boost the confidence of the rider


A little sluggish from a standstill

The colour scheme has been called “restless” by some users.

It might be a little bit expensive

The integration of the front end may cause minor niggles mechanically


The Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc boosts a solid performance in speed and comfort to its prospective buyers. The Bike climbs so smoothly and efficiently; you enjoy and do more cornering thanks to its smooth handling. This Bike sets you apart during a race as it does a tremendous amount of delivering speed.

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