Nakto Fat Tire Mountain ebike Review

Ever Heard about electric bikes? Well, that’s the cruise in town. Amongst all electric bikes, there’s a cool one you should know about; Nakto Fat Tire Mountain ebike.

The first electric bike invention dated back to as early 1890. 31st December, 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr became the first to grab a US patent 552,271 to rub a battery-powered Bicycle that runs on a 6-pole brush and commuter direct current hub motor that is perfectly fitted to its rear wheel.

Huge innovations and advancements set in, as Hosea W. Libbey, criteria of the United States of America, Boston got to invent an electric Bicycle that runs with a dual electric motor as its propeller.

nakto electric bike fat tire mountain ebike

  • High Speed Motor:It is 300W high performance brushless motor, high power battery 36V/10AH, the stronger power and long duration in the cycling. Speed can go to 22 MPH and distance up to 28-35 Miles.
  • SHIMANO Brake & Gear Shift System:With the 6-speed SHIMANO shifting system, you can choose any speed as needed. The perfect SHIMANO disc brakes protect your safety.have quality fat tire and shock-absorbing front forks, which have a high grade cushioning effect and are very stabl.Reliable shifting and powerful braking are possible.
  • High-quality Fat Tire Electric Bicycle:electric bike adopts 100%Aluminum frame dual-suspension design smoothest the increases control. easily adjust the bicycle seat and handlebar to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride.adjustable for adults and teens;

As years went by counting the likes of King Liu owner of Giant Manufacturing company, Matthews Joseph Steffens and John Schneff’s invention which later got rebranded and refurnished in 1969 by G.A wood Jr to make out a 4 Fractional horsepower motor powered bike, the first actually to have a connection of series of gears, the wind of change and improvisation in bicycles has been taking a swift and wild turn.

Every year seems to birth advancement in the electric Bicycle industry, with touches of battery capacity, light, weight and density, performance and capacity, speed and air resistance, this upgrade has kept this electric motor powered Bicycle flooding the market with great acceptance.

Considering the global need to clamp down the circulation of CO² fumes and toxic gases in the air, the echo on the greenhouse effect; electric bicycles seem to be a mediator seeing to the safe livelihood of man.

Having the ability to run on charged batteries, the exhaust of fumes is eradicated.
This has also reduced stress and fatigue levels for riders, as they don’t need to paddle long and hard just to reach a destination. Just get your bikes fully charged, off you are to your destination.
Pedaling however could get you on a faster track as most ebikes can afford to take you on speeds as high as 45km per hour for class 3 ebikes and 32.19 kilometers per hour for class 1 and 2 ebikes.

The speed output of every Bicycle is hugely dependent on its power outage. A 3000 watts Bicycle wouldn’t run on the same level as ebikes on 2000 watts The former will be faster than the latter.

nakto electric bike

However, the power outage, speed run, mode of operation of these bikes has lead to their classifications.

Ebikes are classified into 3 major class

Class 1, 2, and 3.

Class 1 bikes are pedal assists bikes. They are also called Pedelecs. Fitted with an electric motor with a maximum of 250 watts, enabling rides of up to 25km per hour but a notable fact among them is that they don’t have a throttle.
The electric motorized assistance is cut out once the bike reaches its 25km/h max level.

Class 2 Bike

These can be known as the power-on-demand bike. There is a throttle feature which activated the motor. The throttle enabling your bike to take off at the hold-down of its handle. However, the throttle speed is restricted as a safety regulation to a max level of 20mph(32.19km/hr).

Class 3 Bikes

These are pedal assists only bikes. They are known as the Speedy Pedelecs (S-Pedelecs). A much more powerful specification of electrical bikes. Having the ability to max limit of 28mph, no throttle and limited to 750 watts by the United States of America Regulation. This is to promote safety for rides and pedestrians.

Nevertheless, with the huge benefit of an electric Bicycle, there are major things to note before buying one.
Factors that keep some bikes on a favorable lane in the competitive market.

In this review, I will be offering you an amazing Bicycle that doesn’t just top the road chart as a mountain bike but also as an electric Bicycle.

nakto electric bike fat tire mountain ebike


Aside the fact that Nakto fat tire mountain electrical Bicycle ranks as one of the best sales and top picks by customer reviews on Amazon, its amazing features are factors you shouldn’t neglect.

This wonderful unisex bike is structured with a 300-watt electric motor which is powered by a removable waterproof 36v/10A lithium water bottle battery.

The removable and detachable feature on the battery grants you the ability to remove the battery and charge it with the use of any other external means you deem fit.

Nakto Fat tire mountain ebike can be described as a class 2 Bike as it runs on a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour with a throttle attached to it.

Each full charge takes you through a distance of up to 20-25 miles. With a thick shock absorber fitted to the front wheel, it offers you excellent shock protection against rough and thickened crooked roads, this greatly keeps you in control against falling off your bike at slight jams.

It’s fat and thickened tires ensure to give you a firm grip to the ground, effective balance, on-road frictional resistance, and can easily absorb shock against minimal hits.

There is also an added benefit as it has the full capacity to climb mountains easily as a result of its professional tire threading and design.

nakto mountain ebike

Nakto Fat Tire Mountain E-bike is available in sizes 20/26 inches, allowing a maximum weight of 163.293 kg and varying heights suitable for different riders. This weight capacity is enabled by its sturdy and strong aluminum frame.

With a dual brake system; Rear Brakes disc and First disc brakes, this ensures the safety of riders as there is a full suspension to enable a comfortable full stop at its brake grip.

Its adjustable Shimano and Rear derailleur gear make for good gear shifting placement, coupled with an adjustable seat, a comfortable ride is ensured even in the toughest road conditions and a perfect feel for athletic and sporting activities.

If you are looking for a bike that can fit for rainy seasons, sandy grounds, unpleasant terrains, on-road and off-road, and rough paths, then Nakto Fat tire mountain ebike should be your choice.

Quite amazing, it comes for a cool price of $948.99 on amazon and it is surely worth the purchase.