All-new Specialized Tarmac S-Works Ultralight Review


There’s no doubt that the invention of bikes in the early 1800s and the further developments made to enhance their features have made life a lot easier. As the times have passed, there’s been a lot of modifications and improvements on bicycles, making them more fascinating and enjoyable. There are various types of bikes used for different purposes; they could be used for leisure rides, mountain climbing, commuting, and sports. Some of the most popular types of bikes are Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Touring bikes, Comfort bikes, and Folding bikes.

When it comes to innovative ideas and forward-thinking, Specialized is way ahead of everybody. Specialized Tarmac has been around since ’03 and has evolved over the years with various new features and designs. The All-new Specialized Tarmac S-Works Ultralight is a reinvented road bike with loads of new features and designs. It is much more comfortable, has more aerodynamic qualities, and provides an outstanding performance. Compared to the previous bike model, it is a big step forward and a push into the superbike territory.

All-new Specialized Tarmac S-Works Ultralight

As an expert, you should know that the good qualities of a fast bike include a maximum balance between the comfort, weight, aerodynamics, and handling of the bike. These qualities are said to be included in the all-new Tarmac S-Works Ultralight; it’s also supposed to be 200 grams lighter, more comfortable, and 45 seconds faster (over 40km) than the previous model.

At first glance, it may not seem like the bike is aero; however, taking a closer look, you’ll notice various analogies like the Venge ViAS. In order to maintain its aerodynamics, comfort stiffness, and weight, the frames of this bike and forks on its different frame sizes have been enhanced, thus improving the overall performance of the bike. Specialized has a Rider-First Engineered system that has been extended to the forks. For each frame size, you’ll notice a different fork. There’s a total of three forks which are of different sizes.

This new Tarmac design is more angular and features slimmer tube profiles. The frame is much lighter than the previous bike models; with a weight of 733g, it is 200g lighter than the SL5, and its handling is just as impressive. On the road, it may feel a lot like SL5 with the supersonic speed and sharp handling, but when it comes to climbing, you’ll definitely feel the difference.

Specialized included the wife 11-30 Dura-Ace cassette in this model, providing a bottom gear of 36/30; this improves the stiffness in the chassis, making it very comfortable on steeper slopes. The chassis are paired with the deep CLX50 wheels from Specialized Roval brand. It has a blunt profile, wide rim bed of 20.7mm, and low weight of 1.4kg per pair; these are all impressive features. The featured Turbo tyres are cotton-cased and 26mm wide with rims that carry the speed quite well.

The comfort levels of this bike is really where it outshines the previous models, especially the rear end, which is more compliant. The new seat post has a D-profile, which offers maximum flex; together with the seat tube, they produce notable aerodynamic advantages and higher comfort levels. With this all-new Tarmac S-works, you can change directions very quickly; threading through twists and turns and moving downhill is especially satisfying. The speed, lightweight, and sharp handling of this new model makes it an exceptional bike.


Brand: Specialized

Model: Tarmac S-Works Ultralight

Weight: 6.35kg

Available Sizes: 49cm 52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm 61cm

Rear Wheel Weight: 1370g

Wheelbase: 100 cm

Top Tube: 58cm

Seat Tube: 50.5cm

Wheelset: Roval CLX 50

Stem: Specialized S-Works SL

Seatpost: Specialized S-Works FACT carbon

Saddle: Specialized S-Works Toupé

Shifters: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9150

Rear Tyre: Specialized Turbo Cotton


The frame design is much lighter and easier to handle

Rear-end is very compliant, and overall comfort level is increased

It has an incredibly sharp handling

Tires and rims handle and carry speed well


Wet-weather breaking is not exceptional


The Specialized Company has created an incredible bike with the All-new Specialized Tarmac S-Works Ultralight. It’s made up of advanced and modified features with top-notch riding characteristics. For its price, this bike sure has an impressive design and engineering that does not disappoint.

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