Giant TCR Advanced Pro Disc Review


What makes a bike stand out includes the level of versatility it offers, smooth riding experience and comfort even while on long rides. Giant is a bike brand that has set various standards with unique bike models that have consistently won over riders’ hearts.

TCR stands for “Total Compact Road”, and since the introduction of the model in 1997, it has gone through various upgrades that have further made it a fantastic bike by the company. The compact part of the bike is the primary focus for most users, as the original designer built the bike with the specification of a mountain bike and a road bike.

Giant TCR Advanced Pro Disc Review

The Giant TCR Advanced Pro Disc is an overly efficient road bike boosting a great aerodynamics feature, one of the significant three unique features of the bike. Being lightweight is the second top feature of the bike, as it saves a lot of pounds from previous models, with an average weight of 131 g. The third ultimate feature of the bike is the stiffness riders enjoy in ratio to its weight which is often not found in some other competitive brands. The TCR has advanced over the years, but it takes trained eyes to see and appreciate the difference in pictures, but when you see it live, you will notice the changes in the design of the tube. The new design of the tube further boosts the efficiency of aerodynamic.

The down tube of the new bike has been increased in width to be up to 65mm, and there is an introduction of the carbon fork built with an asymmetrical design which increases the clearance of the wheels. The bike’s wheels remained Tubeless Hookless system and then increased the outer and inner width to 23mm and 19.4mm, respectively. Giant explained the rounder tire helps to provide more excellent stability and controls the cornering activities during rides. The Seatpost of the bike looks like a truncated ellipse which gives an outstanding balance between aerodynamics, ride quality, and lightness. A hidden screw under a silicone protector makes the Seatpost easy to be installed and adjusted.

The bike’s handlebar is The Contact SL handlebar is perfected from earlier models, and its ergonomics have improved in the upper area where the hands rested. It has excellent detailing for GPS, Gorpo, and Giant lights compatible; the handlebar is also adjustable. The bike’s stiffness comes from the Overdrive 2 design, which combines 1.5 inches lower and 1-1/4 inches upper bearing. This bearing system works in combination with a tapered fork steerer tube. The variety of the cables makes the transporting, cutting, and maintenance of the fork tube quickly done by the user. The bike’s lightness is easily noticeable at first contact, and the fun does not affect the bike’s agility when climbing. The presence of less inertia on the wheels makes changing pace and climbing steep routes much more straightforward; this all makes the bike climb surfaces with remarkably less effort.

Key Features

Giant PowerPro Power Meter

Carbon Disc Wheels

Shimano Ultegra Groupset

Handlebar Giant Contact SL

Tubeless Tires



Brand: Giant

Model: TCR Advanced Pro

Frame: Toray T700 Carbon fibre

Tube: 65mm

Disc Frames: 32mm

Tires: 25c Gavia Course 1


It responds well to the control of the users

The rider enjoys incredible stiffness

You enjoy rapid acceleration

It boosts confidence and comfort during rides

It is lightweight and offers a well-balanced handling


Some riders do not like the visibility of the cables


The Giant TCR Advanced Pro bike is one that comfortably does everything you require exceptionally, and there have been remarkable minor improvements on the bike since its introduction. These changes, however, do not affect or counter the prominent “compact” feature of the bike. An experience with the motorcycle leaves you utterly drawn in, and it delivers to your speed and performance; it also climbs and descends from high routes comfortably. Getting this bike is a bike that works excellently well for mountain and flat trails, right in all weather conditions.

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