Giant Revolt Advanced Pro-Force Review


Gravel bikes are one of the most used bikes used for adventures because of the features they have. Some people have compared road bikes and gravel bikes, and we think this is so because they don’t know the utility they serve.

Road bikes are used mainly on roads, and the body has been designed so that it will only be favorable to use it there; it has been made to have an efficiency to speed because most times it is used in competitions. Also, since it is used for such, having a comfortable seat post is required, and the handlebar has to be made so that controlling and handling it won’t be an issue.

However, in contrast to this, the gravel bike is made to be driven in any terrain that you find yourself in, and as such, one of the peculiar features is the tire which has to be large, and the brake system has to be quick in the application. In addition, the seat post has to make the rider comfortable; all of these and many more are what differentiates both bikes.

It would be best to consider factors when you want to make a purchase, and the first should be the weight. The reason for this is simple, and you don’t want to end up purchasing a bike that the weight plays against you when you ride. Also, the frame is another important thing to look out for; if the gravel bike you have in mind to purchase is made of steel, we advise you to find a better alternative.

Two materials are known for their durability and it is carbon and aluminum. If the frame material of the bike you want to buy is made of this, then it’s a go-ahead from us. Also, because you will have to ride your bike in different kinds of terrain off the road, and as we know, they might not be friendly as when you are on the road. The seat post of the bike you purchase should give you comfort and help you deal with the effects of bumpy terrains. Keep in mind that the price of the bike you wish to buy should be within your budget, so you don’t go broke.

Giant Revolt Advanced Pro-Force

It is known as one of the best gravel bikes and the cheapest you can get in the market due to its features. One of these is the diffuse vibration component that it has integrated into its frameset. What this helps to do is that it prevents the rider from feeling the impact of bumpy roads. And also, the bike has been made in a way that you can ride it for a long period comfortably.

The price of the Giant Revolt is friendly when you compare it with other bikes that we have in the market, although it is still considered to be on the high side. It has 700 x 40C large Velocita AR tires, which help provide additional comfort.

The bike’s frame is made of carbon, and as such, you are ensured of the bike’s durability. Also, the bike’s weight is about 8.3 kg which means that it won’t be heavy when you take it with you on your adventure trip. Also, it shouldn’t surprise you that the tires are equipped with the Disc carbon wheels, providing additional comfort for the rider. Also, the drop handlebar has been made so that you have comfort and total control over the bike when cycling.

Key Features

It features carbon disc wheels

It features a carbon made frame


Brand Name: Giant Revolt

Bike Weight: 8.3 kg


It is easy to use and handle

It is durable due to the material used for the frame

It is not as heavy as you might expect


It might be expensive for some people


There are different gravel bikes that you can get in the market, and knowing the right one is essential. However, we have looked at the Giant Revolt bike and the features, the pros, and the cons. To read more reviews, visit;

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