Fustle Causeway GR1 GravelBike Review


Bike riding isn’t just a kids thing anymore but also for teens and adults; it is for everyone. People, especially purists and baristas, love to ride bikes while sipping a coffee or delivering one; some use bikes to get groceries at the store, some run errands in their neighborhoods, while others explore other areas and cities. Going for adventures can be dated to a long time ago. Up to date, people still love going for adventures in new places. People go for these adventures using bikes. Bikes are the most portable vehicles that can carry you from one place to another at ease. They can pass through narrow routes and don’t consume fuel, unlike their four-wheeled colleague cars. Going for adventures and tours entails encountering new places, new weather, new environment and of course new roads. You never know the road you’re going to meet on a trip or adventure. Some streets are very rocky, and others are muddy, especially the countryside, with very rough terrain. Using a bike that cannot overcome a rocky terrain may end your trip before it even begins; it slows you down, may damage your tire, and leave you with body pains at the end. It is where the gravel bike, Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike, comes to play.

Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel Bike

Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike is capable of cruising any terrain and all road types. It can transit from one path to another at ease. It is an all-around bike capable of performing many functions, making it easier for you to save the cost of acquiring bikes of other types. It satisfies all your cycling desires for everyday road riding and even driving off-road. It has additional gears for an easy ride.

Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike is an advanced gravel bike, and it has high speed and offers good acceleration. It comes in high-quality designs and provides high performance to good adventures. One of the fantastic features of this bike is that it allows the buyer to pick the length of stem and width of handlebar, tire, and seat post handle that suits them for easy handling and comfort. The chain stays also aid in effective handling. Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike gets used you any place of your choice, even those with rocky terrains. The frame is aluminum and available in red, blue, and green colors, and it has an Integrated Cable Routing that reduces the noise of the bike. Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike has a Discover bar that provides a wide grip on the road.

Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike is an all-rounder. They are also capable of climbing mountains. They can move uphill but are also very good for descent for moving downhill, thanks to the total fare of the bar. The carbon fork provides availability for mounting adventure racks and bottle cages. The WTB Resolutetires provide grip and sound power transmission to the ground. The geometry is known for offering stability and agility with its long wheelbase and flared. The Shimano GRX RX 810 heard gives accurate shifting and good acceleration. The front wheels corner very well, and the long dropper helps navigate tight corners and steep slopes. Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike is a good land cruiser not afraid of any road.


It has a PRO Koryak stem (80mm)

It has a PRO Discover bar

It has a WTB SL8 saddle.

It has a flat-mount brake.

It has a Shimano GRX drivetrain.


Name: Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike

Weight: 9.78kg

Groupset: Shimano GRX RX810

Stem: PRO Koryak

Bars: PRO Discover

Brakes: Shimano GRX RX810

Seatpost: PRO Koryak Dropper Post


It can get used to riding through any terrain.

It is also a good mountain climber.

It offers a high level of stability and agility.

It is affordable.


It is not so fast.

It offers poor protection to the frame resulting in peeling.


Fustle Causeway GR1 Gravel bike is a perfect gravel bike with aggressive WTB Resolute tires capable of overcoming rough terrain and is even faster on gravel. It offers maximum comfort and guarantees a life-filled ride.

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