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When we think of fun ways to exercise, swimming and cycling most likely come to mind. Not only are they healthy ways to exert yourself, they undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. It’s no wonder that learning to swim, or learning to ride a bike remains an important part of one’s childhood experience. If you are already pro cycling, you no doubt are familiar with the health benefits. You pretty much don’t need to know so much about bikes to realize cycling’s a great hobby. And speaking of health benefits; cycling can help strengthen your immune system, it builds your muscles, it improves your coordination, it promotes weight loss, it reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, and the list goes on. To better understand the Bosch Active Line Plus, you should know a thing or two about Electric bikes or e-bikes as they’re often called.

Electric Bikes And Their Motor Types

Electric bikes are an innovation in the cycling world. Built with cutting-edge technology, they offer a fast, cost effective, and eco-friendly bike riding experience. Some may argue that e-bikes are not as exerting as regular bikes, hence the belief that it is lacking in certain health benefits. Well, that is up for debate. Truth is, electric bikes don’t make you lazy as some would have you believe. More importantly, an electric bike is also a great way to exercise.

Although, there is a range of e-bikes out there, there are mainly two common electric motor styles used in engineering electric bicycles today. They are hub motors and mid-drive motors. Regardless of the electric motor style, e-bike motors utilise electrical energy as mechanical energy. They use brushless DC motors, or BLDC motors which means unlike older electric motors, today’s e-bikes don’t use brushes to alternate the direction of current flowing to the motor. Let’s now examine a special model of e-bike motors, the Bosch Active Line Plus.

Bosch Active Line Plus

The Bosch Active Line Plus is a successor of the Bosch Active Line. Bosch Active Line is the first of a range of three Bosch motors engineered with a similar gearing system coupled with a small drive ring. Manufacturers like to keep up with the growing competition on the market. In view of this, Bosch put out two new models to replace its Active Line motor model; the 40Nm Active Line Cruise and the 50Nm Active Line Plus model. These drive systems are suited to the growing trend in pedelec frames. The Active Line Plus is also more versatile when compared to its predecessor which makes it more efficient for a countryside terrain.


The Active Line Plus motor is light and weighs about 3.2kg.

It has a quiet and natural feel to it.

This new motor has a direct drive whereby the drive ring and the cranks are connected, rotating at similar speed.

Nominal power output is at 250w much like the Bosch Active Line.

Maximum torque is at 50Nm.

Motor type – centre.

The Active Line Plus also comes with a backpedal function.


It has a quiet motor performance, giving you a smooth and surreal ride.

It is more versatile than its older models. In otherwords it appeals to inner-city and countryside riders alike.

Its frames are designed to enable a balanced weight distribution.


It has a large Q-factor.


For those in need of a good city bike, the Active Line Plus motor is a go to e-bike motor. It is quiet, fast, and has a natural feel to it. While there remains some discrepancies concerning the motor’s weight, it promises to provide reliable assistance for the user. As Bosch continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the e-bike world, it is only natural that we would expect more mindboggling adaptations in subsequent models. If you want something fast, quiet, and smooth, then the Active Line Plus is just what you need. To sum up the Active Line Plus, it has a small yet powerful drive unit, and if you’re thinking of expanding your horizon beyond city boundaries, then the Active Line Plus is here to give you an optimal e-bike riding experience.

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