Basso Diamante SV Disc Review


The innovation of bikes remains a significant milestone in technology. It executed technology’s primary purpose effectively to humankind, to make life easier. Bikes have succeeded in making life easier for man to carry out almost all his daily activities like quickly going to places like the grocery store to pick up groceries, going to worship in the church, going to school, etc. Bikes can get used to performing many activities like mountain climbing, road racing with friends or colleagues, touring a city, and going on adventures to discover new routes and encounter new people and new environments. Bike riding is no doubt more than just a hobby to some people but a lifestyle. People love going on rides to have fun, ease stress, and free their minds. Bike riding even gets recommended for people who want to lose weight or extra calories. Also, bike riding has gotten shown to have a lot of medical importance because it helps manage specific diseases and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Over the years, bikes have evolved just like a man; many bikes have gotten designed with many features to carry out one or more of the activities of bikes. However, some bikes supersede certain qualities like comfortability, speed, agility, handling, and balance and get designed to be mountain climbers, road bikes, etc. While some bikes are specialized in only one of these qualities and designed to be mountain bikes, road bikes, or gravel bikes, other bikes summarize all of this quality, delivering with everything, all-in-one. BassoDiamanteSV Disc is one of the later bikes that fit the picture of everything a good bike should be. It can be used for mountain climbing, going on adventures, and touring.

BassoDiamanteSV Disc

Basso Diamante SV Disc has succeeded in outperforming every other bike on the road. It has the honor to win the group test of Gran Fondo. Basso Diamante SV Disc is known for excellence; it never disappoints. Going on a bike race with it, you will be the first to cross the finish line.

Basso Diamante SV Disc has an excellent wheel, Basso One 35 Disc wheelset designed for speed and great acceleration, and it has incredible speed and good acceleration. It has a beautiful concept, a good carbon Seatpost that generates comfort, and straightforward tire clearance with its 700 × 28 Continental GP 4000. It has good braking with its Campaigns disc brake. The Campagnolo wheels are very light aids in their great speed that helps you win the race. The Basso Diamante SV Disc can navigate through steep and tight corners, and it also has a good shifting offered by the bottom bracket. It is straightforward to handle. The Microtech Quantum Carbon bars give good gripping and vibration damping. Basso Diamante SV Disc gets made with suitable quality materials, and it is very light and speedy.

Basso Diamante SV Disc can quickly move downhill, cruising down slopes and steeps, making it a good mountain climber. It has an excellent geometry that lowers the center of gravity and puts its riders in an upright position keeping you on the road for hours without any aches on the neck or back. The geometry can quickly get costumed by beginners. Basso Diamante SV Disc offers you control over the road giving you all the confidence you need for the ride. It is also very agile and balanced. The frame has an excellent design. Basso Diamante SV Disc has a classic appearance and also delivers excellence on the road.


Campagnolo Super Record H11 groupset.

Bora One 35 Disc wheelset.

Microtech Quantum Carbon bars.

Campag’s disc brake.


Name: Basso Diamante SV Disc

Weight: 7.51kg

Tires: Continental GP 4000

Brakes: Campagnolo H11

Stem: Basso Diamante SV Alloy

Wheels: Campagnolo Bora One Disc 35


It has excellent braking.

It is comfortable.

It has excellent handling.

It has high agility.


It makes noise during riding due to the rattling of the internally routed cables.

The ports have a dirty appearance.


Basso Diamante SV Disc is a very fast wheel set. It is comfortable with good brakes and keeps you riding on the bike for hours. It brings out the fun of bike riding.

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