Legor Cicli LWTUA Review


Bikes have made life much easier for us, and we can use them for whatever activity that we choose to use them with. There are different types of bikes, and they all fit in an activity segment, meaning that they all serve different purposes.

One of these bikes is the road bike, which gets used for on-road movement and navigation. The bike’s features are used most times by those who want to participate in a cycling competition because it has been built for speed. And because of this, you can’t use it on any other terrain as the features don’t support it. However, the same can’t be for the gravel bike.

A gravel bike gets used to cycling on different types of terrains, both on-road and off-road. It has been designed to be used explicitly for adventure by those who will love to and have the comfort of doing so. Different features mark out the gravel bike and set it different from the other types of bike.

One of the features of the gravel bike is the frame because of the activity you will most likely engage in when you use it. A robust frame by the gravel bike gets needed due to the terrains you will ply, and since this is off-road, there are bound to be many bumps along the way.

Also, the saddle of a gravel bike gives comfort to the cyclist because of the stress and vibrations that its use will experience. Also, the bike’s design has to be made to allow for easy navigation and control.

There are factors to consider when you want to make a purchase, and the reason for this is to avoid having to regret it down the road. The first thing to consider when you want to make a buy is the frame material, and there are only two types that are considered worth it: carbon and aluminum. The reason for this is because of the properties that they have, which makes them durable.

Also, the bike’s weight is essential since you will be cycling off the road, you want to have something that you will be able to deal with. Lastly, it would be best if you considered the bike’s price because you want to make sure that it doesn’t exceed your budget.

Legor Cicli LWTUA

Legor is one of the best gravel bikes you can get on the market, and this is because of the fantastic features that it has. It comes with a wheel seized about M50 650b that gets accompanied by Maxi’s iron tire. The bike’s weight is quite okay, and it is about 9.29 kg, and although this is on the high side, we understand that it is easy to control as it isn’t up to the usual range that gravel bikes come with.

The frame has been designed to last you a while before making a new purchase, which is a good value for the money you spend on the purchase. One of the other features that set this gravel bike out from the rest you may find in the market is that it comes with a hub-dyno integrated into the front wheel. What’s job is to supply electricity to the front that got integrated and the supernova lights that come with the bike.

However, the downside of the integrated hub-dyno is that it is heavy and weighs on the bike’s front wheel. And although it got made with a wheel that has steel, it is unfortunate to say that it offers little comfort to the rider, and lastly, as regards budget, it is cheap compared with other gravel bikes we have in the market.

Key Features

It features a steel wheel

It features a hub-dyno


Brand Name: Legor

Bike’s Weight: 9.2 kg


It is easy to use and handle

It is durable


It is expensive

It doesn’t provide complete comfort despite having a steel wheel


We have different kinds of gravel bikes in the market, and we looked at the Legor Cicli LWTUA, the features, pros, and cons.

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