LOOK e-765 Optimum Disc e-Road Bike Review


The LOOK e-765 Optimum Disc is the first e-Road bike produced by the French brand; this was achieved by integrating a FAZUA motor and battery with the aim of electrifying the bike. LOOK is not new in the bike manufacturing community; they’ve been producing top quality bikes for about 35 years. They became quite successful after the invention of the first clipless pedal, and shortly after, they had their first prototype carbon bike. You can trust that the brand does not joke around when it comes to quality. All their bikes, including the LOOK e-765 Optimum e-bike, are manufactured in Tunisia and assembled at their headquarters in Nevers, France.

The LOOK e-765 Optimum Disc e-road bike is the first e-bike of any genre; it doesn’t really look like an e-bike because it was designed based on LOOK’s motor-less 765 Optimum All Road bike. LOOK is known for doing things out of the box and has once again done so by creating the first drop bar e-road bike. With this bike, the brand intention is to ensure the rider has fun on the bike without compromising speed or performance.

LOOK e-765 Optimum Disc e-Road Bike – features and spec

Merging their carbon expertise with the integrated motor system from FAZUA, LOOK has created a bike that fully supports the rider during hard climbs, headwinds or inconveniences. The FAZUA motor system produces up to 250 watts of power with three levels of assistance. One of the best parts is you can choose to use the bike without electronic assistance by removing the entire system. This integrated motor system has also been used in FOCUS Paralene2 and Pinarello’s Nitro e-road bikes.

The e-765 Optimum e-road bike has a full weight of 13.2kg (including the motor and battery); if you remove the 4.6kg motor system, the bike weighs just 8.6kg which is the same as a conventional road bike. It has a normal output of 250 watts and a peak output of up to 400 watts; the motor also supports the rider up to the 25km/h limit. The frame’s geometry is similar to an endurance bike; it features a highly responsive and stiff carbon frame that feels very comfortable even during long rides.

The French brand’s 3D Wave design was adapted in the seat stays, adding 15% extra vertical compliance to the bike for extra comfort. The rear end of the bike is equipped with a standard road bike axle instead of the wider Boost-axle, which may affect the bike’s performance and handling. The road bike axle retains the quality of a normal road bike, giving the rider the road bike feel. If you decide to remove the FAZUA motor, you can easily remove it from the down tube; you can replace it with an aftermarket cover if you want. The aftermarket cover is an empty mould that replaces the battery ad motor if you decide to ride motorless. It weighs 500g, making the bike 2.8kg lighter.

The e-road bike is available in two build specs and five sizes – XS, S, M, L, and XL. The bike is incredibly comfortable even on rougher surfaces and has a tire clearance of up to 34mm; it’s also quite affordable for an e-bike, with its price ranging from €6,499 to €7,699.

Product Specification

Name: LOOK e-765 Optimum Disc e-Road Bike

Brand: LOOK

Weight: 13.5kg

Motor: FAZUA Evation

Handlebar: LOOK Aluminium LS2 Compact

Stem: LOOK Aluminium LDS

Seat Post: LOOK LS1 Carbon Ultra Light (27,2 mm x 350 mm)

Wheels: Vittoria Elusion Carbon Tubeless 42 mm

Tires: Hutchinson Sector 700 x 32 Tubeless


High power output

Stiff and highly responsive


Bike weight takes time to get used to


The LOOK e-765 Optimum Disc bike is pretty lightweight compared to other e-road bikes, although heavier than the conventional road bike. The bike is pretty fast even without support, and it rides smoothly on both good and bad roads. Interestingly, it permits you to remove the motor and battery so you can ride completely motorless. Riding the e-765 e-Road Bike is pretty fun, even without the motor. The French brand has successfully combined premium efficiency with comfort and affordability.

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