Pivot Vault Team Force Review


We have different kinds of bikes in the market, and they are all made for an additional or unique utility or use. A motorcycle is known to be powered either by a motor or is pedal-driven, known as another means of transportation, and this bike can get used for any activity that you might think of doing. However, in this context, it is used for cycling.

One of the good things about a bike is the cheap cost of having one, and the maintenance isn’t as break-neck as other means of transportation. A gravel bike is a type of bike that has got made to handle off-road tracks; these terrains are usually not your common ones and are most of the time rough and unleveled.

Several brands make the gravel bike, and we can say they are all good, but this analysis will be subjective because we haven’t looked at the factors that made it so. In other not to regret later on after purchasing a gravel bike, there are certain factors or considerations that you will have to keep in mind.

One of the things that you will want to keep in mind is the cost of maintenance. The reason for this is that just like every machinery, the purchase doesn’t just end there; you will need to make sure you carry out regular inspections, which will cost you money. You want to make sure you have the finances to cover it and fit it right into your budget.

Another thing you want to look out for is the size of the bike. You have to make sure that it fits you and isn’t too big or small relative to yours; the reason for this is to ensure that you have a comfortable ride wherever you decide.

The material used in the frame’s design also determines how long it will last you. The most used materials in the structure of gravel bikes are aluminum and carbon. So, if the gravel bike you intend on purchasing has this, then it is a plus.

Finally, the purchase cost is essential because you don’t want to buy something that could throw you into debt. However, as we have said before, bikes are a far cheaper mode of transportation, and this won’t be an issue for you.

Pivot Vault Team Force

The Pivot’s frame gets made of carbon, which is a good thing because it ensures that it lasts for a while and is worth the money spent on the purchase. In the development of this bike, the brand emphasized how fast and versatile it is, which is a plus for riders as this will help them when they want to go uphill and help converse through whatever terrain they find themselves in easily.

In addition to the above regarding the speed and versatility, the frame has been made with a system known as the ISO FLEX. The work of this system is to decouple the seat post, which helps to offer a level of compliance for the rider. The ISO FLEX comes with another advantage in that it allows the rider to integrate any seat post that is from 27 to 30 mm with ease.

It comes with small gear steps, ensuring that you maintain a steady increase in the pace you paddle, helping you conserve energy. The tires have also been made to feel comfortable in the seat post whatever terrain you take.

Key Features

It features an ISO FLEX system which comes with several advantages, and you can integrate a new seat post from 27 to 30 mm using this system

It features 650 x 50B tires

It is lightweight


Brand Name: Pivot Vault Team

Weight: 8.30 kg


It is easy to use and handle

It is a good value for the money you spend on the purchase

It is durable due to the frame material, which is carbon

It is lightweight, which lets you maneuver in terrains easily


A bit expensive


The Pivot Vault Team Force is known for the different mountain bikes they have built and have a good reputation. However, this gravel bike from them is also good and meets the standards, and we looked at it, the key features, the pros, and the cons that you should keep in mind.

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