Liteville 4 – ONE MK 1 Review


A bike is one of the best things you can acquire for yourself. It is an excellent sign of self-love and almost everything you ever desire in a friend or colleague. It is always there for you in whatever way you need it. It can be used for transportation as a source of income when used for delivery businesses. It can get used for exercise and adventures via mountain climbing,bike-packing, and road racing. Many bikes have emerged over the years, including mountain bikes, road bikes, power bikes, cyclocross bikes, aero bikes, etc. These bikes each serve different purposes; for example, mountain bikes get designed for climbing mountains, road bikes are designed especially for the road, cyclocross bikes can get used to touring a city, aero bikes get intended for races, and so on. Every bike performs its function. However, having a bike that fulfills all these functions is spectacular and saves a lot of costs to acquire more than one bike. It was for this reason that Liteville 4 – ONE MK 1 was designed especially for you.

Liteville 4 – ONE MK1

The ability to ride on any surface classifies bikes; In contrast, some bikes are perfect for rides on smooth terrain like road bikes; others can depend on steep terrains like mountain bikes and the rest on other types of surfaces and terrains. German brand Liteville 4 – ONE MK 1 is an all-around bike. It is a gravel bike or drop-bar bike built to cruise on any surface and terrain, making it suitable for mountain climbing, road racing, cyclocross, etc. GRAN FONDO Magazine stated it as the best gravel bike in 2020.

The geometry of Liteville 4-ONE MK 1 contains a long aluminum frame, an ample wheelbase, and a short stem. The chainstays are very adjustable. The Internal Cable Routing gives it a clean look and fashionable look and protects all the cables. The ergonomics of the shifter and bar enables control of all lanes and aids in efficient handling when going down steeper terrains. The dropper lever helps for easy adjustment. It rides at high speed and has a stiff wheelset. The center of gravity provides a lot of grip for the front wheel and aids in balance. The carbonSyntace Seatpost has gotten fashioned for compliance and comfort. The dropper post also contributes to comfort.

Liteville 4-ONE MK is speedy because it is light. The fork and rear derailleur contribute to its lightness and stiffness. The gravel drop – handlebar makes it more comfortable and increases damping. The Shimano GRX Shifter improves and aids in gifting, plus it ensures maximum fun in riding. It applies less pressure on the tire. It has wide tires, good handling, and low gearing summing up to make it very agile. It comes in several sizes, making it available for everyone irrespective of size and height. Another fantastic feature about Liteville 4-ONE MK 1 comes with a work kit, allowing you to assemble all the parts into what you desire.


It has an Internal Cable Routing.

It has Shimano GRX Shifter.

It has a Syntace bar

It has a Syntace P6 Seatpost that increases comfort.

It has a Syntace X- 12 fork.



Name: Liteville 4-ONE MK1

Size: S M L XL

Weight: 9.16 kg

Drivetrain: Shimano GRX

Brakes: Shimano GRX 800

Handlebar: Syntace Racelite Carbon

Stem: Syntace Liteforce Alu

Seatpost: EightPins

Wheels: Syntace

Tires:Schwalbe G-One All-Round


It is an all-around bike.

It comes in various sizes.

It provides agility and balance.

It is very light.

It is suitable for both road races and mountain climbing.


There is a limit to its comfort.


With its excellent ergonomics and engineering, Liteville 4-ONE MK has made a significant impact in the world of gravel bikes. It is not afraid of any terrain, cruising steeply, sandy, muddy, and Stoney terrains. It can get used to climbing any mountain because of its balance and agility and can be used for road racing if it’s a comfortable handlebar and seat post. Its lightness and wide tires make it speedy, making it also suitable for road races.

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