Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST Review


Bike riding is more than just a hobby. To many people, it is a part of life and an escape out of this world. It gives people a distinct feeling, floating in the air or space without gravity or pressure acting on them. Bike riding has become a thing of joy for many people, ranging from little children trying their best to learn how to ride to teens riding with their peers and adults racing on the road. Bike riding indeed never went out of style. Instead, it evolved. Some people no longer wanted to just bike race with friends, get applauded as the best racer and feel like a king, but to win a professional race, be applauded and be paid handsomely. Thousands of people all over the world from far and near gather to celebrate this sport yearly. Professional racers come out with their bikes to race for only aim, to win. The winners are celebrated all over the globe. Cycling sports comes in different forms like mountain bike racing, cyclocross, road bike racing, etc. However, along with bike riding, something else evolved bikes. Bikes have become throughout the years. These developed bikes have succeeded in moving fast ahead and leaving the rest of the bikes behind. They are advanced bikes and have a lot of added unique features. One of these evolved bikes is Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST.

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST

Mavic decided to foresee the future and design a bike that is capable of carrying people there. They made Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST for a lot of good reasons but especially for speed and accuracy. Mavic Cosmic Ultimate have succeeded in making a massive name in cycling, breaking out as one of the fastest bikes ever.

It is the best gig for riding competitors. The beauty of its aerodynamics is vividly portrayed in the wheels. The carbon wheels are very light, stable and ever ready for any race. Another unique feature is the rims. The rims are made with carbon fibres and are tubeless, with the tire fitted perfectly into it without leaving any tiny space for the escape of air. It is this arrangement that prevents overheating and spoke tension. The rear wheel has an asymmetrical design. One of the things that have advanced is the brake pads. The advanced brakes pads help with good braking and leave any surface as smooth and stainless as before.

Mavic Ultimate UST aids in effective power transmission and is made of aluminium, making it stiffer. The wheels also contribute to its agility and stiffness. The combined stiffness of the bikes makes it very effective for going uphill, resulting in it being good in mountain climbing too. The motorcycle is puncture-resistant, leaving it free from any puncture. The carbon made hub body makes it overall light making it faster. All the parts of Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST have been carefully designed and put together to give a bike that is perfect for sprinting. The cycle is the best for competitive riding.


It has tubeless rims made with carbon fibres.

It has advanced carbon wheels.

The wheelset is a UST wheelset.

Its hub body is built with carbon.

It has a Mavic ID360 freehub body.


Brand: Mavic

Tubeless-ready clincher wheelset

Rim: 3K carbon fibre

Size of wheel: 700c

Internal Rim depth/width: 40mm deep and 19mm wide

Spoke count: 20 front and rear

Tyre size: 23mm – 32 mm

Weight: Pair without tyres: 1310 grams



It is a speedy bike with superb aerodynamics.

It is made with high-quality carbon fibre.

It is very light.

The handling is easy.

It has excellent brakes.


It is costly.


Mavic Cosmic bike is a bike of high performance. It provides a fun-filled, great quality ride. It is terrific in sprinting, with sound power transmission and good handling. It is highly recommended for competitive riding. Using the Cosmic Ultimate UST, you’re sure that no one will be ahead of you in the race and that you’ll be the first to cross the finish line.

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