Rapha Classic Road Shoes Review


Either as sports or as leisure, cycling is beneficial. Cycling is closely associated with a lot of health benefits. Studies say cycling helps you guide against some serious illnesses, can improve your mental and physical health, and can help you keep fit. Another interesting fact is that people of all ages can cycle and enjoy the benefits. To enjoy cycling, some people ride with family or friends, ride to work, or ride to get something. Some have even made cycling their routine. The health benefits of cycling are many and are so real that it has become an important part of most people’s lives.

Think about this for a moment. You learned that one way to reduce anxiety and stress is to engage in cycling. Would you give it a try? Probably yes! A lot of people would consider doing so. Of course, this is no child’s talk. Cycling can indeed help reduce anxiety and stress. And this is just one of its numerous benefits. Do you still wonder if you should cycle?

If you are already a cyclist, you enjoy riding to different destinations either alone or with other people or engaging in cycling sports. You should know that there are some essentials that you shouldn’t overlook. As you know, road hazards, as well as many unexpected occurrences, can play us at any time. Therefore, you must consider these essentials and prepare yourself. Ranging from helmets, cycling clothes, cycling shoes, and many more. These things are important. These essentials can save your life and also provide you comfort whenever you ride.

Cycling Shoes

Consider cycling shoes. Some people might consider cycling shoes a luxury or something that adds to fashion. Therefore, they feel it’s not that really important. But, is that the case?

After putting on the perfect clothes, you should complete it with a set of cycling shoes. Granted, it makes you look cool, but more than that, it allows you to enjoy a perfect cycling experience. Cycling shoes are made with unique soles that protect your feet and make it easy to turn the pedal without much effort.

One of the things you experience while riding or after riding is probably leg cramps. But you can fix that with the help of cycling shoes. Cycling shoes make you feel comfortable, and they don’t slip off the pedal. But to maximally enjoy the benefits of cycling shoes, you need to get the perfect one. How do you do that? You only need to read on and discover one of the best cycling shoes that will upgrade your cycling experience to the next level.

Rapha Classic Road Shoes

The Rapha Classic road shoes are British-made cycling shoes by Rapha – a British company that had formerly relied on Giro – an American brand – to produce shoes such as the Climber and Cross shoes. However, after three years of research, Rapha decided to run the whole design and manufacturing process in-house, using their expertise, and gave birth to their first in-house production; The Rapha Classic Road Shoes.

The Classic road shoes, being their first production, have the comfort of a shoe brand producing for years. The shoes feature a full-length lightweight carbon sole and a double-wall lacing system with cut-outs in the fold to serve as lace eyelets in the midfoot. The thermoplastic exterior of the carbon sole provides grip and protects the carbon from damage.

The shoes boast a single-piece reinforced antimicrobial microfibre upper layer, adjustable arch supports in the footbeds, and a molded heel cup that prevents the midfoot from collapsing inward under power – a comfort and efficiency feature only a few luxury shoes have mastered. In contrast to the Boa dial designs that make riding feel very serious, the aesthetics of the Rapha Classic road shoes are effortless and unmatched in their simplicity.

The single-piece microfibre has a perforated top for added ventilation, and there Is enough space at the forefoot for you to wiggle your toes freely. The shoes have fashionable laces that can be tightened in one section and loosened in another. The shoe tongue is softly padded to help protect the laces from rubbing against the top of your foot, and it has an elasticated lace-keep halfway down to keep the loose ends from getting stuck in your drivetrain.


Price: £180, $250

Claimed Weight: 250g (EU42)

Actual Weight: 340g (EU43)

Retention Type: Laces

Sizes: EU36-47

Colors: Black, Black Pearl, White, Silver


Comfortable, stiff, and long-lasting sole that provides stability.


Anodised D-ring on the forefoot strap

Compatible with three-bolt road cleats like the Shimano SPD-SL and Time Xpresso

Reflective heel tab to provide visibility at night

Available in different colors


The perforated top allows only a small amount of air to enter through.


The Rapha Classic road shoes are supremely lace-up comfortable shoes with excellent sole stiffness, durability, and stability. They are ideal cycling shoes for cyclists who have broad toes and love comfort. So if you are looking for a pair of lightweight shoes that will keep you comfortable while riding, the Rapha Classic Road Shoes are a good choice.

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