POC Ventral Air SPIN Review


New technologies help enhance rider safety, and never has the choice of various designs been so diverse. You can be prepared for every type of race and weather, from aero to semi-aero to climbing helmets.

Safety helmets have long grown to be more than just important protective gear, establishing a vital part of every road rider’s style. You will be prepared for every type of weather and race as a rider from semi-aero to aero, then to climbing helmets.

The POC Ventral SPIN is the Swedish brand’s recent achievement, making its debut at the Tour Down Under with team EF Education First. Jonas Sjögren, CEO of POC, lectured about the concept behind Ventral Air: Stated in his words, Jonas Sjögren identified this model as useful, “It is always our objective to use the latest scientific knowledge to optimize a rider’s performance and safety. The Ventral Air is a very lightweight and safe, high-performance helmet with the ability to provide superior cooling of the entire head. It is ideal for long mountain passes, for riders who prefer a light and well-ventilated helmet, or for those who regularly ride in hot climates.”

The Ventral Air is lighter than the Aero version of the conventional Ventral, to be exact. Both versions don’t weigh anything, but in the case of ventilation, the Ventral Air lives are the best. On long climbs or hot days, you can feel the air surrounding your head. The SPIN silicone pad system doesn’t disturb when correlated to the safety technology used by some adversaries. The SPIN pads are identical to the normal helmet pads – but they’re capable of more.

Classification of the POC Ventral Air SPIN

The Ventral Air features a redesigned unibody shell structure for added safety and an EPS liner constructed to give the perfect balance between protection and weight. The helmet also features POC’s patent-pending silicone padding system, SPIN, which is built to lessen rotational forces during crashes. The POC Ventral Air is attainable in three different sizes: Small (50-56), Medium (54-59), and Large (56-61). To enable you to match the helmet flawlessly to your kit, POC is giving it in eight various glossy colors and matte, as well as a pink EF color scheme.

The recessed air channels are in Ventral Air, and many different fashions in our lineup verify some distance progressed to conventional venting. Riders who courageously ride in barren region warmth or summertime solar need always to remember this helmet. The incredible airflow also reduces the saturation and perspiration of the padding. The top-notch airflow in this helmet earns it the word ‘Air’ in its name; it makes you as a rider experience the feeling of flying.

Since it has a hefty fee tag, various helmets attainable in the marketplace fail to give that similar airflow and drag reduction established through decreased wind roar. As a purchaser, if you have the money to lavish and the fashion interests you, this helmet grants cooling consolation on a warm day.


The Polycarbonate shell that wraps the Ventral Air inspires riders. There might be very little exposed EPS foam. The shell is closed and nicely bonded, covering pleasingly into the brim, protecting the foam all of the manners around. This helmet is lightweight thinking about the floor location of the PC in comparison to different fashions that sacrifice the enormous Poly Carbonate to reduce grams, exposing fragile EPS foam.


More Info pocsports.com

Price € 250

Duration 3 months

Weight 238 g (size M)


Low weight

It provides comfort

It’s Ventilation

Increased safety through SPIN technology


Tester Manu

Bridge can’t be adjusted


The POC Ventral Air SPIN stirs designs and functionality at the highest degree. Thanks to its incredible ventilation and safety, the € 250 cost is an excellent investment for long climbs and hot summer days. Ventilation is great with the front vents gobbling air in, providing the vast channels that run over the head and tiresome heat out the rear. At toiling up climbs and slow speeds, heat appears to escape freely. Despite this, some users haven’t felt the need to enhance the Ventral with a cap, even on some bitter dawn workout rides.

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