Pinarello Nytro


The love of the bike begins from childhood. Almost every kid has a scar they inquired about while trying to learn how to ride a bike. There was this pride and beauty of riding a bike, but the love of bikes did not stop there. It continues from going on a road race with best friends on a bike, and it t even booms more when you win the race. Bike racing is one of the best ways for both kids and adults to ignite friendship or bring friends together after a long time for a reunion. However, going on a road race entails picking the best bikes to be used for such races. E-road bikes have done a lot of justice to bike racing and even mountain climbing. E – road bikes are known to be fast racing bikes and to be very strong bikes. Their agility makes them excellent mountain climbers too. They have very nice geometry and are guaranteed to give you high endurance. Pinarello NYTRO is one of the best E – road bikes.

Pinarello NYTRO

The Italian brand Pinarello NYTRObuilt with an Italian style remains one of the most popular and best E – road bikes for many reasons. It is very light, making it very speedy. It doesn’t even require a lot of effort for its speed. It is made with a high-quality design. It has a short stem and Seatpost that serves a lot of comforts. The handlebar and saddle also make it more comfortable. The frame has an integrated battery.

Pinarello NYTRO is a perfect road bike, and it has an increased tire clearance, accommodates more width tires, and offers maximum power transmission.

The RAD SYSTEM brake is very durable and provides good braking, a sporty bike, and is used to win the most competitive and impossible races. It is a very strong bike, adding to it’s durability. It gives steep climbs when going uphill, providing you the maximum balance and agility you need to go for mountain climbing.

NYTRO thus not only gives a fast race but also gives a very comfortable one. It offers standard road boast. It comes in several sizes, making it available for everybody. It has unique looks with high riding abilities. Therefore when trying to find the right bike to use for your bike races and climbing that are very strong, agile, and speedy, Pinarello NYTRO is the best gig. It makes you ignite the love you have had for bikes since you were a kid.


It has a stiff and agile frameset.

It has an improved tire clearance.

The cable routing is internal.

It has a RAD SYSTEM brake.

It has a frontal seat clamp.

It comes in various sizes.


Brand: Pinarello

Name: Pinarello NYTRO

Size: 47 50 53 55 58

Weight: 13,96 kg

Motor: FAZUA Evation

Motor torque: 60 Nm

Battery Capacity: 250 Wh

Frame: Pinarello Nytro

Fork: Pinarello Onda disk

Stem: MOST Tiger aluminum aero

Handlebar: MOST Jaguar


Front Brake: SRAM Force Hydraulic disc

Rear Brake: SRAM Force Hydraulic disc

Brake Levers: SRAM Force Double Tap HRD

Front Derailleur: N/A

Rear Derailleur: SRAMForce

Shift Levers: SRAM Force Double Tap

Cassette: SRAM XG-1180,

Crankset: MOST Fazua specific

Front Wheel: Fulcrum Racing

Rear Wheel: Fulcrum Racing

Front Tyre: Vittoria Terreno Zero

Rear Tyre: Vittoria Terreno Zero

Saddle: MOST Lynx Aircross manganese

Seatpost: Pinarello Aero


It gives a comfortable ride

It has a large tire clearance.

It gives an excellent performance

It has excellent geometry.

It comes in various sizes.


It has a busy look due to the cable routing.

It is not so comfortable for beginners.


Road races are sweet when you do it with your best friends but even sweeter when you do good E- road bikes like Pinarello NYTRO. Pinarello NYTROs are very good bikes, and it provides the maximal optimal performance, giving great speed and balance. They can also be used for mountain climbing. It has a large tire clearance for accommodating wide tires and excellent brakes. It guarantees you the win of any race and guarantees comfort while you do so.

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