Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike Review


Bikes are used worldwide and are part of almost all man’s life. It is undoubtedly known as one of the most loved automobiles across all aspects of the world. They are comfortable, but they are fun, versatile automobiles capable of performing many activities such as riding to the next-door neighbor, going on an adventure with friends, and going to the shopping mall. The sweetest part of riding a bike is the comfort and ease that comes as you effectively transport yourself through short distances or move from one place to another without strain. Going on long-distance rides with bikes isn’t something anyone who loves to ride bikes would want to miss. It is fun, exciting, reduces mental strain, and helps manage stress. Although the quality of rides differs from one cycle to another, if you are looking for bikes, make sure you look for quality bikes because quality bikes guarantee quality rides. When you are looking to buy a motorcycle, a good bike is light, has good braking, wind resistance, and has a quality aerodynamic built. It is good to choose a good bike every time, and the Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike Review is simply what a good bike should be. It is light, affordable, and has good wind resistance. It also provides a balanced and comfortable ride.

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike

The Kent Thruster KZ2600 mountain bike was made specifically for riders who need a quality and affordable bike with tight budgets. With its available range of features, the Kent Thruster KZ2600 mountain bike is a good choice for beginners and mountain bike riders who are experienced. The aluminum alloy frame of this bike falls in between in terms of durability and weight. One of its best qualities is that it is resistant to environmental hazards such as prolonged water exposure. But you should, however, keep in mind that the bike is a bit on the heavier side. There is also the risk of scratching the frames on debris or rocks.

The bike does pretty well in maintaining an evenly distributed weight across the frames for the suspension system. It also uses a 65 -millimeter suspension coil fork which is excellent for rocky terrain. The downside to this the type of MTB fork used tends to sacrifice pushing power when pedaling, and this is not noticeable on even terrains but uneven ones.

The braking system is one of the last core aspects of the Kent Thruster KZ2600. This mountain bike was found to have excellent stopping power and perform equally well on rough terrains and pavement. Although, the combined braking system needs some getting used too


It has a 65-millimeter suspension coil fork

It is good on both rough and smooth terrains

The braking system has good stopping power and performs well on even uneven terrains.


Wheels/tires: 26″

Gender: Men’s

Product width (in.): 19

Product height (in.): 39.75

Number of speeds: 21

Product Type: Mountain Bikes

Product Weight (lb.): 40

Manufacturer warranty – labor: 6 months limited

Product Length (in.): 68.5

Recommended ages: Adult

Rims: Alloy with 36 spokes

Derailleur: Shimano rear

Brakes: Disc front, linear-pull rear

Frame Size: 18″Manufacturer warranty – parts: Lifetime limited (frame)

Frame: Aluminum

Seat: Quick release

Fork: Suspension

Suspension: Floating beam


The frames are remarkably resistant to corrosion and rust

With its 65-millimeter suspension coil, Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike works excellently on a broad range of terrain types.

It has an attractive design and is sure to turn heads while displayed on a local trail.

It is one of the most affordable mountain bikes out there.


The KZ2600 mountain bike often comes damaged, especially in the bent rims.

The rear rims are painted, which reduces the friction in the brakes.

In some instances, both rims can collapse after two days of use.

Gear cables sometimes are worn out on arrival.

The seats are hard and uncomfortable.

Tubes arrive punctured, sometimes even both.

The thrusters are too dangerous to ride.

Sometimes it arrives with missing or incorrect parts.

There is a lack of seriousness by the company for the user’s safety.

The handlebars are impossible to tighten.


If you have a tight budget and you are looking for an affordable and quality mountain bike, you should undoubtedly try the Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike.

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