Look 795 Blade Rs Disc Review


The Look 795 by the French company has never been this excellent and considerate in the production of bikes like this one.

Its expertise and unseen capabilities are worth the check.

Also, it is made of aluminum which makes it easy for damping and unusual tolerances, and it reduces dust penetration.

The Look 795 is very tolerable; that is, the gravel, sharp turns are no. Match for this bike, although it might slow down a bit when taking sharp corners almost immediately, quickly recovers and is set to continue speedily.

Moreso, with this bike, you’re in control of the adjustments and movements.

Furthermore, the 795 is aerodynamic. This means you don’t have to worry about drags or slower movements while. Moving on high speed. It is continuous if you are willing to continue too.

The saddle positions can be changed into four different styles depending on your desire. However, it might not be very comfortable, especially for racers, but it’s very promising to give you a nice ride.

In the same vein, knowing that it has enough space to keep water bottles or whatever liquid can is such a relief, considering that there may be days you would have to go on longer rides.

Look, put you in mind to avoid dehydration and fatigue during those long days out.


A bike will have excellent and exceptional qualities after the features have been tested and proven to make the bike last for a while.

The Look is not lacking this information, no wonder these excellent features.

The 795 Blade has an aero Seatpost which can easily be flipped around, leaving you to choose between 0 or 25° offset, although it doesn’t offer complete damping here.

Also, it has pretty larger chainrings of about 50/37; this guarantees 100% speed ahead without lags or setbacks. You could call it “flying.”

Not forgetting, it also has an SL UST Disc wheel which ensures you ride no matter the terrain very safely.

The wheels were complemented with a SPAM POD Etap groupset with hydraulic disc braking.

Hydraulic disc brakes offer excellent rates of ease while on your ride. It is usually little or no problem once you are conscious of your brakes on your ride while in motion.

Since the Look adopted this feature, it only means that wherever you are stepping on with your 795 bikes, you are safe and sure to slow down at your own pace without fear.

Its carbon frame causes power transfer that is efficient and reliable.

The tires are the Pirelli P Zero Velo models meaning you can go as fast as you wish. It’s got good traction.

Other features include;

Drive train; SRAM RED eTap AXS

Stem; LOOK ADS 120 mm

Handlebar; LOOK ADH 2.1 Carbon 420 mm

Gearing; 50/37 T und 10–33 T 2×12


Weight 7.95 kg

Size XS S M L XL



Good handling.

Beautiful concept.

Nice appearance.

Good value for money.


Little comfort.


Generally, the look 795 is a racer; it does its racing functions on different roads. However, it may only be suitable for training and leisure considering the limited comfort.

This is a masterpiece to look out for, and we can only hope. The Look is looking into eliminating its limitations in the future. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic speed bike.

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