Merida Scultura Disc 6000 Review


It would interest you to know that the Merida company is the first to include the RAT(Rapid Axle Technology). Now, you may be wondering what this is;

It’s a standard technology that allows the quick removal of wheels quicker than usual, which is fantastic.

You no longer have to worry about your wheel removal taking a lot of time as a racer.

Furthermore, many would like to compare the race of the Scultura 6000 with that of a whippet which is correct and not a mistake. It keeps telling you, “can we move further and faster” be it on sleek surfaces or rough edges.

The Scultura, however, might seem a bit heavier and taller than the kinds a racer would need for a swift race; nonetheless, it still delivers very well and moves swiftly once its motion type has been comprehended.

More so, it is adequately balanced and lively, which made other preceptors removed from the equation.


Merida completely understood the assignment and reason for an upgrade; hence, you are correct in saying these unique features were long overdue.

The Scultura 6000 is made of BB86 bottom brackets, which are sizable, quite deep, and allow the chainstays to be asymmetrical in their formation.

The rear hydraulic disc brake is a standout feature that makes for easier dispersion of heat and supercooling to complement your racing, ensure safety, and prevent brake failure issues.

This brings about motion in a very quiet yet strong and stopping, which is progressive.

Also, it is made of carbon (CF2), not CF4. Merida thought it wise to use CF2 even if it may seem a bit heavier; performance-wise, it is much better than a CF4.

In the same vein, it also has a head that’s 10mm taller and a fork that is 5mm longer. Hearing this may discourage you as to if it is safe, not to worry, it is still very much comfortable, and this is a result that they were tightly connected.

The Seatpost is smaller with a 27.2mmdiameter, making for relatable flexibility with an amount of padding, which is very reasonable.

With a neat aluminum which makes a very significant difference.

You might want to ask in what aspect? Ever wondered how well a bike could move while descending? Well, the scultura 6000 is here to clear all doubts and fear while descending.

Its descending style is one to emulate because of how swift and careful it is at the same time without disappointment.

Other models might not think about this as a valid point, but Merida does and delivered brilliantly.

The Merida Scultura 6000 weighs about 8.45kg. This may necessarily not be as light as you may want but has well-balanced handling.

Other Features include;

Drivetrain; Shimano ultegra

Wheels; Fulcrum racing line

Stem; 100mm

Bars; 400mm

Top Tube horizontal; 548mm

Chainstays; 409mm



Absolute quality

Great performance

Nice specification

Good value


Added height for racers


Getting a product that fully understands the needs of its users may not necessarily be easy to find, but with the Merida Scultura 6000, your search has finally been put to an end.

You may also want to say seeing a model as excellent as this for its designated price is something to rush and take hold of, considering its full abilities.

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