Merida Silex+8000-E-Bike Packing Review


The Merida Silex 8000 understands when riders are talking of balance, composure, and agility.

This is since its handling nowhere sluggishness gives you that comfortable feeling while you are on it.

It may seem a little underlying, but once you are on it, everything seems fine and possible with an incredible feeling of security paramount to riders.

The 8000 has a non-sluggish behavior; even though its tires aren’t fast rolling on any surface, it still has a lot of grips and offers super damping.

Another interesting fact about this model is its ability to be charged not just with power but with a power bank – Excellent technology! This is due to the presence of the Shimano GRX Diz.

An electronic drivetrain indeed has been found and is here, and you don’t have a reason to worry about its battery draining since you can also charge it while in motion! Yes, while you’re riding, you are charging and not just leaving it to charge and be complete before use.


Merida is a successful brand, and they always want to be at the top of their game which is why they have put together these materials to make the Silex 8000 unique regardless of its differences.

To begin with, its seat post is very flat and comfortable without any spongy look or feel, to give complete confidence while riding.

With a seat post clamp that is carefully integrated, you have a majestic setting on the play. The seat generally is very well built and constructed.

The presence of the fulcrum Red 500 gravel wheelset means that the Silex 8000+ is ready to thrive on gravel trails without slipping. It is built together with a 23 inner diameter rim which is definitely up for gravel battles.

The low weight (8.55kg) is very fantastic; however, it may not command speed as some of its competitors in the field. The reason is the resistance of its Kenda tires which are good but may not be as fast as expected on any surface.

Nevertheless, it proved itself capable with a tall stack and sleek geometry to prepare itself for obstacles. Also, the well-shaped hoods mean that you are completely safe, secured, and comfortable on very rough terrain.

Furthermore, with the introduction of hydraulic discs(160mm), you get full assurance, meaning either you move freely from one place to another, being secure or nothing at all. In a nutshell, the brakes are powerful and capable of the journey.

Black, they say, is king; we assume this is why Merida thought of leaving this model in a commanding color such as black.

It commands ownership and responsibility, which the Silex 8000 is all about.

More features include;

Size; Medium

Groupset; Shimano GRX G12

Bar; Merida expert GR

Stem; Merida Expert CW

Saddle; Merida Expert CC


Great handling

Adequate space at the front

Amazing balance

Nice motion


Slow rolling tires


The Merida Silex 8000+ should be given more opportunities to express itself in the field, with its contenders proving whether or not it should remain.

It could perform a lot more when you are on it and certainly has great value and understanding for human safety while considering its abilities and characteristics.

Acquiring one won’t be much regret to the rider.

We believe with time, Merida takes the perfect steps to make sure there are no more shortcomings.

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