DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50 Review


Bikes are the most outselling automobiles around the world. It may not be significant and look extravagant like cars and other automobiles, but it is the most preferred. People someone choose to prefer two-wheeled vehicles to four or three-wheeled vehicles. It is very light and as portable as your school bag or handbag. This makes it an easy way of transportation from one place to another, making it very easy for you to move around and run errands. Students all over the world prefer using a bike to go to school. They also use it to engage in bike races after school. Bikes, just like other automobiles like cars, can be easily classified. There are different types of bikes, including mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, road bikes, kids bikes, folding bikes, downhill mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, etc. They are classified based on their uses and where they execute their functions. Bikes can also be classified based on quality and speed. Some bikes have undisputably proven to be faster and more superior than others. DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50, a product of DT Swiss, is one of them.

DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50

DT Swiss, known for producing one of the best bikes, decided to develop something even more. This time, they created an aero bike DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50 that made a considerable cycle footprint, becoming one of the best the world has ever seen. Most of the credits for this goes to its Aero Road Carbon (ARC) wheels.

The Aero Carbon wheels of DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50 is almost what solely qualifies it as an aero bike. The wheels offer effective handling. It is very light, contributing to its speed. The wheels drag is caused by both translational and rotational pain. It works effectively with Disc brakes, aiding the control. They are available in both the 700C version and a more minor 650B making them suitable for big and small people. The Aero Road Carbon offers maximum acceleration. It effectively works with Ratchet EXP System to provide excellent speed. It also has lateral stiffness enabling balance and agility. It is also straightforward to handle and helps offer a fun and spirit-filled ride.

DT Swiss Aero Road Carbon 100 DICUT 50 is a high-speed bike with good air resistance. It has a negative air resistance that pushes it forward. The opposition is -7 watts. It is not afraid of the wind. It can easily navigate through areas that most bikes won’t be able to access because of the wind. Though it is light, it behaves like a windbreak. The internal width of the wheels has been increased to 20mm to support up to 25mm tires, giving it a high tire clearance. It has lesser weight and increased stiffness due to the inner ratchet wheels attached to the hub shell. It is also very comfortable; it sits in a good sitting position to prevent body pains after a long ride. It can be used to climb uphill due to its agility and balance.


It has an Aero Road Carbon Wheel.

It has disc brakes.

It features a Ratchet EXP freewheel.

It can accommodate tires up to 25mm wide.

It is very stiff.


Brand Name: DT Swiss

Braking system type: AFS

Rim of width: 26mm

Width of Inner Profile: 20mm

Height of Rim: 50mm

Cycle limited Weight: 110kg


It is a speedy bike with good acceleration.

It is light.

It has good air resistance and so is not affected by wind.

The Ratchet EXP effectively engages with it.

It is very comfortable and agile


It does not come in a variety of sizes.


DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50 is an aero road bike with great speed. It is straightforward to handle. The aerodynamics is out of this world, and it guarantees a fun-filled ride. The Aero Road Carbon Wheels are very stiff and provide excellent performance. DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50 can move both in hilly terrains and flat terrains with sharp corners.

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