Continental Terra Trail Cream 700 x 40C Gravel Tire


Continental AG is commonly known as Conti is the world’s fourth largest tire manufacturer. It is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing brand that specializes in brake systems, automotive safety, interior electronics, powertrains, tachographs, tires, and other accessories for the transportation and automotive industry.

Continental sells tires for bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles under the Continental AG brand. The company also produces and sells to another brand, and most major automobile, bikes, trucks, and buses manufacturers are customers of this renowned brand.

Continental road bike tires are good and are excellent for all-season drivers, and are known to be safe for both wet and dry seasons. Their tires are also made from high-quality materials and last for a long time. One of such tires is the Continental Terra Trail Cream 700 x 40c Gravel tire for bikes.

In this article we shall take a review of the Terra Trail Cream Gravel tire, discussing its key features, specifications, and also its pros & cons as feedback from its users.

[BOLD](The Continental Terra Trail Cream 700 x 40C Gravel Tire)

The Continental Terra Trail Cream Gravel tire shines on both mountain bikes and enduro bikes. It has a suspension travel of more than 140mm as a result of its voluminous and comfortable casing. Having multiple small knobs, the Continental Terra Trail Gravel Tire guarantees you the best traction on any complicated trial.

The additional importance of this tire is its excellent puncture resistance and provision of the required stability you need.

Key Features

Tubeless-ready: The Continental Terra Trail Cream Gravel Tire features an additional puncture protection layer that encircles the tire beads completely making its carcasses strong and impassable against damage and penetration of foreign objects.

Maximum Effect: To provide you with the maximum stability, and a low weight design, the brand combines a ProTection with the Blackchilli compound. This gives the tires a low weight and an attractive design. The technology also makes the tire compatible with usage as tube-ready.

Gives the required protection: For maximum protection, the Continental Terra Trail tire features puncture protection, and a smooth running grip, with 4/240 threads per inch.

Multiple knobs: The Terra Trail tire also comes with several small knobs that gigiveou the required traction on any difficult trial.


Brand name: Continental AG

Manufacturer’s name: Continental AG

Weight of item: 460 grams

Dimension of item: ‎28 x 28 x 2 inches [L x W x H]

Weight of package: 0.54 kilograms

Dimension of item package: 10.98 x 9.09 x 5.16 inches [L x W x H]

Model name: Terra Trail

Color: Black Skin Foldable / Black

Material: Rubber

Suggested users: Unisex

Age recommendation: Adults

Size of item: 700 x 35

Sport type: Cycling

Warranty Description: 1-year warranty

Included components: Tires


It has a suspension travel of more than 140mm

It features small knobs that give you the required traction on difficult trials.

It comes with an additional puncture protection layer that reduces the risk of getting flat tires

It has a versatile low weight and an attractive design




Available in two sizes the 700 x 40C and the 650 x 40B, the Terra Trail comes with all the standard features of the Continental. Due to the Blackchilli compound, the tire offers low rolling resistance and the required mileage despite its excellent grip on and off paved surfaces.

The tire features a combination of natural and synthetic rubber together with soot particles making a perfect gravel compound. According to the brand, their ProTection technology makes the tire extremely puncture-resistant and durable despite being lightweight and having a good grip. Being tubeless also makes the tire easy to fit and inflate without needing a tube.

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