Exclusive Cervélo R5 Classic Road bike Review


Road bikes, Triathlon bikes, Track bikes, and Gravel bikes are specially designed for different cycling disciplines. With increasing advancements in technology comes a rapid increase in the number of bike manufacturers. Manufacturers endeavor to remain innovative and keep up with growing trends when launching new products. The same is true in the cycling world. Sometimes manufacturers in the cycling world take years, decades, to make a name for themselves. Everyone understands the importance of establishing brand identity in order to increase market value.

Have you ever found yourself judging a new product’s quality based on its brand name or the manufacturer? The truth is, we’ve all been there. Customers tend to be more comfortable with older and familiar brands. Like I mentioned earlier, it takes time for manufacturers to build that level of trust in their customers. That’s why every new manufacturer in the world of stellar bikes works towards gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with amidst all the growing competition. That said, one such familiar name that has captured the hearts of many in the cycling world is Cervélo. Many amateur and pro cyclists have come to appreciate the genius in Cervélo’s designs over the decades. Why is that?

Interestingly, Cervélo started out of a university basement room in Montreal. This Canadian brand was the brainchild of engineers Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, who founded the company in 1995. When you put the word brain in Italian “Cervello” and bike in French “Velo,” you have Cervélo. Interesting choice of a name you would agree with. However, one of the things that makes Cervélo so special is that, unlike many bike manufacturers that are more particular about quantity, Cervélo offers quality. The brand puts together aerodynamics, weight, stiffness, ride quality, and usability into its designs. Furthermore, bikes like gravel bikes that give less credence to aerodynamic features break this trend when it comes to Cervélo.

Cervélo R5

The R5 classic road bike model is one such jaw-dropper coming from the Canadian bike manufacturer. I mentioned earlier that Cervélo offers quality over quantity. For one thing, Cervélo launches a few models every year, and these tend to be quite expensive. But cost becomes less of a problem, as opposed to the admirable quality of such designs. Also, Cervélo is known for its speedy bikes. In fact, speed and aerodynamics are Cervélo’s areas of expertise. If you are doubtful of the role aero-based designs play in optimizing speed, then Cervélo promises to disabuse you of that notion.

Consequently, the R5 model is not an exception. This model has been improved to be more aggressive than the R-series. Also, the R5 is a classic road race bike with a carbon fiber frame like all Cervelo designs. In recent years, Cervélo has shifted from its aluminum models to the more innovative and trending carbon frame design. Furthermore, the R5, although Cervélo’s lightest and stiffest race bike, allows for a lower handlebar position. This, coupled with its new “pro-fit” geometry, makes it a choice bike for racers in search of a more aggressive riding position.


The higher-end R5 model comes with a disc brake type and a complete frameset.

Sizes range from 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61.

It is less aero-oriented compared to the S5 model range. Although it has some subtle aero details, it is much lighter than its predecessor, making it an ideal climbing bike.

It adopts the new trend of hidden cables, reducing its overall drag by 25g.

It has a slender aesthetic design. This, coupled with the handlebar and seat position, make it a fast-climbing bike.


It is light, stiff, and really fast.

Its tapered head tube and larger bottom bracket allow for an optimal ride and performance.

Its combination of lightness and stiffness makes it so that the faster it propels you, the more comfortable and confident you get with this magic bike.


Like many of Cervélo’s models, the R5 is a little expensive. The cost might be discouraging to those who are particular about cost.


There have been different versions of the R5 model range. Recently, Cervélo put out the more aerodynamic 2022 version. This version has a new, improved front end to give a more comfortable ride. If you’re willing to look past the cost and give this bad boy from Cervélo a shot, you’re in for an unforgettable riding experience.