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The POC (Piece of cake) sports popularly known as POC is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2004 by Stefan Ytterborn. The company manufactures cycling helmets, snowboarding helmets, sunglasses, and apparel.

The brand has sponsored many athletes including, Fabio Wibmer, Travis Ganong, Patrik Jarbyn, Danny MacAskill, Gustav Larsson, Ryder Hesjedal among others. The brand believes that life is just a piece of cake when you’re well equipped with the required gear.

One of those gears from the POC company is the POC Omne Air Spin helmet for road cyclists and commuters, in this article we shall take a review of this helmet.

The POC Omne Air Spin

The POC Omne is a helmet that inspires you to will for more. Featuring an optimal liner density and a thick core protection zone that provides you with ideal round protection for everyday usage, the Omne Air spin helmets give you an excitable moment while riding and push you to go farther and farther.

The helmet’s ventilation channels and lightweight gives you the required comfort and functionality during long-time rides & the design is inspired by the brand’s award-winning road cycling helmet The octal and the ventral. It also comes with SPIN, the brand’s patent-pending silicone pad technology. In a nutshell, the POC Omne Air Spin helmet provides you with a superior level of comfort, performance, and fit that you’ll hardly find in any other helmet. Let’s look at its key features.

Key Features

The Right helmet for commuting and road: Having an optimal liner density and dense core protection, the helmet provides you with the required protection for everyday use. It is designed for multipurpose road cycling ranging from weekend rides to daily commutes.

A protective technology: The helmet features an optimized density EPS liner for crash protection. A patent-pending silicone technology, and the brand’s SPIN technology. It also has innovative materials and designs that make it a perfect helmet for road cycling.

A streamlined design: The POC one helmet features a slim profile for a clean aesthetic, and a lightweight and breathable construction for added comfort and functionality during long rides.

Adjustable fit: The lightweight helmet features a 360° size adjustment inside it that allows you to fine-tune to the right fit. For easy adjusting, it features a one-hand dial.

Improved comfort: The POC brand wants to you be safe, comfortable and enjoy your ride to the fullest, as such they provide adjustable straps on the helmet for extra comfort during longer rides and added safety.

Inspired by The Octal & The ventral: The low weight and ventilation channels design of the helmet were inspired by the brand’s winning helmet, the Octal and the ventral, as such the Omne Air Spin also delivers the maximum comfort and functionality during rides.


Brand name: POC

Manufacturer’s name: POC

Weight of item: 0.35 kilograms

Dimension of item: ‎9.45 x 8.66 x 7.09 inches [L x W x H]

Item package weight: 0.82 Kilograms

Dimension of item package: ‎11.93 x 9.84 x 7.56 inches [L x W x H]

Color of item: Lead Blue Matte

Suggested users: Men

Age recommendation: Adults

Number of items: 1

Outer Material: Polycarbonate

Inner material: Expanded Polystrene

Size: large

Specific uses of product: Mountain biking, motorcycling


The helmet features an optimal liner density and thick core protection.

It comes with adjustable straps for added comfort and safety

It is lightweight and breathable


Some customers complained that it’s too pricey

Customers complained that it’s not fit for oval-shaped heads


The POC Omne Air SPIN helmet is one of the best helmets for motorcycling. It features all the protective technologies that you need for everyday usage. The helmet also has a lightweight and breathable construction for added comfort and well functionality during long-time rides. If you’ve been looking for a close to perfect motorcycling helmet, the POC Omne Air spin is a good idea.

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