Velo Orange Crazy Bar Review


All bikes use a handlebar, whether a mountain bike or a road bike. However, there are different types of handlebars out there; each of these options has its unique pros and cons that can either make your biking experience fun or a disaster. Handlebars play a huge role in your bike’s overall stability, handling, and reliability, which is why it is important to pick the right option suitable for your biking style.

There are different handlebars types, including drop bars, riser bars, flat bars, bullhorn bars, butterfly/touring bars, cruiser bars, moustache bars, BMX bars, and aero bars. Most experienced riders know that choosing a handlebar depends on personal preference, but it is also important to know how the various types of handlebar works.

Velo Orange Crazy Bar

Velo orange crazy bars have lots of fans ranging from tourers to commuters and everyone in between. The bars offer you the benefit of a riser bar’s riding position but with a more aero hand placement. The crazy bar has been part of Velo Orange’s lineup for eight years and has been updated a lot throughout the years.

The weird-looking handlebar is a combination of a sweptback flat bar and a bullhorn bar. It features a 400mm wide bullhorn section that provides an aerodynamic position that’s similar to the brake hoods of a drop handlebar. The centre part mimics the tops of a drop handlebar, and all this is joined to a 45-degree sweptback section that is ergonomic and wide enough for extra steering stability. Velo orange crazy bar is made from heat-treated aluminium, making it ideal for touring but not mountain biking. However, Velo Orange produced a steel version of the handlebar that’s mountain bike rated.

The Crazy Bar has increased in width from 666mm – 780mm; this makes it appeal more to mountain bike riders due to the extra control and comfort the wider bar offers. The sweep of the bar was also reduced from 45 degrees to a neutral 35 degrees, which helps improve off-road control while offering a natural and comfortable wrist position. The signature feature of the Crazy Bar is its extensions or horns, as some people like to call it.

The Crazy Bar can be used on different bikes, ranging from touring bikes to gravel bikes; with this handlebar, you get the control of a flat bar along with the extra hand positions and aero benefits that come with the handlebar extension.

The Crazy Bar provides more control when dealing with off-road descending; it offers precision steering on rough sections of road, which can be attributed to the extra width. The brakes cables are another advantage of using the Crazy Bar; making brake cables changes while on the road can be a hassle, but with the regular V-brake levers, the brakes cables open up much quicker, thus making your brakes more responsive.

Key Features

22.2mm main grip area

Flat bar brake levers and shifters

23.8mm bull horns

Fit bar-end shifters

Reverse brake levers


Brand: Velo Orange

Model: Crazy Bar

Weight: 450 g Size: 31.8mm

Dimensions: 26.75 * 13 * 2.5 inches

Colour: Black

Material: Alloy

Bar clamp diamtere: 31.8 mm

Width: 666 mm

Back sweep: 45 degrees


The bars come with two main hand positions

It reduces soreness during rides

They are ergonomically comfortable

They offer both an upright position and an aero position

It has a durable construction


They are more difficult for less experienced riders to handle

Some models are not ideal for mountain bikes


Velo Orange’s Crazy Bar is the most versatile touring handlebar option available on the market. It offers extra steering leverage that makes descending on rough terrains much easier, even with its heavy front panniers. It also features a narrow bullhorn section that lets you cut through the wind. Its 22.2 mm bar diameter gets rid of having to do any workarounds when pairing mountain bike derailleurs with road shifters. The Crazy Bar offers you both upright and aero positions which makes it even more interesting and fun to ride with. When selecting a handlebar, make sure you choose the option that best suits your needs and riding style, ensure you do your research before making a choice.