Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Review


Biking is a fun thing to do. There are different reasons people ride bicycles; some see biking as a flexible means of transportation. Biking also serves as an exercise that helps you keep your body fit. Some people ride bikes just for recreation purposes. Biking is beneficial to your health for whatever reason you ride a bicycle. There are various forms of biking apart from the two-wheeled bikes. While the two-wheeled bike is the most common bike form, others include unicycles, tricycles, and quadricycles. Riding the bicycle is an activity that has been around for ages. With bicycles, you can easily transverse rough terrains where other means of transportation will be impossible or near impossible to function; this further boosts bike acceptance around the globe.

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Vilano Road Bikes

The Vilano is a popular brand that has made a name for herself in the production of bikes. This brand specializes in producing different types of bikes from the road, folding, hybrid, mountain, electric, children, and electric bikes. As a bike, anywhere you see the name Vilano, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that will give you value for your money.

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Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Vilano R2 commuter aluminum road bike is a nice and simple road bike ideal for novice cyclists. This bike is affordable and will not break your bank. The R2 commuter is designed to navigate long-distance and can also be used as exercise. If you are a student, this bike is ideal for transporting yourself around on campus. This bicycle is easy on the road, and it also comes with a bonus-free pedal on purchase. Ideal for novice cyclists, this bike comes partially assembled, and you can complete the assembly all by yourself;

Key features

  • Size: the Vilano R2 commuter comes in different sizes, making it ideal for children and novice cyclists. Both males and females can use this bike; the R2 commuter offers cyclist varieties of options to pick from when it comes to colour, making the bike attractive.
  • Frame: This bike is made out of the lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, the R2 commuter also boasts thumb shifters for convenience, it also boast a mount point for a water bottle, making it an excellent bike; for a commuter. The bike frame makes it possible for one to use the bike for a long period without fearing any body parts getting damaged. Also, this bike is perfect for folks that are getting into cycling for the health benefits that come with cycling.
  • Handle: the R2 commuter boasts an alloy handlebar. The handlebar helps keep the balance when riding and gives direction. The alloy material used in the construction of the handlebar makes it lightweight, shock resistant, corrosion and wear-resistant. This handlebar will give you a more comfortable riding experience.
  • Brake system: The alloy caliper brake system present in the Vilano R2 commuter aluminum bike is one of the best brake systems in bikes. The alloy caliper brakes provide good stopping power, low weight, simple and effective operation. The caliper brakes function as a single unit – it is mounted to the bike frame by a lone bolt. The brakes pivot when the levers are pulled. This brake system is ideal for cyclists because it provides a great balance between stop power and the amount of power applied by the cyclist.
  • wheelset: the R2 commuter boasts 700c by 25c Presta valves tires. This tire is of high quality, the tube of this tire is easy to change. It also features great sealing performance, shock absorption, anti-ageing and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This tire is easy to replace, and you can hit the road again within five minutes of replacing the tire. In all, this is a durable and quality tire.

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  • 700c double-walled alloy wheels
  • Urban commuter saddle
  • Free pedals
  • Handlebar
  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Alloy caliper brakes


  • the bike comes in various sizes and colours, making it ideal for both males and females
  • the bike comes partially assembled
  • the R2 commuter will not break your bank
  • the bike comes with extra free pedals
  • The R2 commuter bike comes with a bottle compartment making it ideal for exercises and long-distance transportation


  • Nil


In conclusion, the Vilano R2 commuter aluminum road bike is a great bike that is ideal for exercise and transportation. This bike is designed and made of quality materials, giving cyclists a good cycling experience. Also, the price of purchasing this bike will not break your bank.