Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Review


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Bianchi dates back to 1885 in Milan, making it one of the oldest bike brands. The Italian brand started with Eduardo Bianchi and has created a reputation that’s unrivalled in the cycling world for well over a century. Furthermore, Bianchi’s aesthetic style and design consider the taste of cycling fans of the brand around the world.

One such road bike from the Italian brand is the Infinito CV disc. Road bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and e-bikes are part of Bianchi’s arsenal. Bianchi’s Infinito CV disc is one of the brand’s road bikes you might want to try out.

The Infinito CV Disc

It’s not often you see an aerodynamic endurance road bike. The infinito CV disc is just that. Here, Bianchi uses its Countervail technology as with many of its models. The bike’s frame also uses a carbon layup, a common trend in modern road bikes. Interestingly, this model applies visco-elastic technology in its carbon frame, similar to that used at NASA.

Key Features

Its countervail technology which is integral to the carbon layout is adapted to absorb high-frequency vibrations on the road.

Bianchi applies hydraulic brakes in this model.

It is an endurance bike, as seen in its geometry. In addition to this, it has aerodynamic features and can also function as a race bike.

It comes in seven different sizes; 47, 50, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61cm.

It is compatible with the Vision metron 5D handlebars.

It has longer chainstays. It also has a higher headtube.

It has an intricate disc brake system.


Seat tube[mm] 420,450,480,500,520,540,560

Top tube[mm]: 515,525,535,550,560,575,585

Head tube[measurements in milimetres]: 120,135,150,165,180,195,210

Head angle(according to size):74.5°,74.5°,74.0°,73.5°,73.5°,73.0°,72.5°

Seat angle[according to size range]:70.5°,71.5°,71.5°,72.0°,72.5°,72.5°,72.5°

Chainstays(mm): 415,415,415,415,415,420,420

BB Drop(mm):68.0 for all seven sizes

Wheelbase(mm): 986,988,993,999,1004,1018,1023


The bike provides a comfortable riding position for the rider.

The bike’s countervail technology allows it to absorb high-frequency vibrations on the road. Overall, this ensures a smooth ride.

It is suited to long rides without sacrificing comfort, thanks to an improved handling and seat position. You need not worry about your ride getting hitched by constant road vibrations.

Added bottom bracket stiffness helps to optimize acceleration.

Its wide range of sizes makes it a choice bike for different riders.

The cables are internally routed, which is a plus for aesthetic style. This feature also makes it adapted to the Metron 5D aero cockpit.

It is an excellent choice for riders in search of an endurance bike with a touch of aerodynamics.

Wide tyre clearance of up to 32mm.

It is quite versatile.


The cable routing system at the cockpit could use some work.

Bianchi is known for its high price tags. The infinito CV disc model is not an exception.

While it maximizes speed and comfort in long-distance rides, it is not great for sprint racing.

The weight is also an issue. For some riders, and in some situations, the added weight is a bonus. However, this means transporting the bike becomes difficult. Also, it becomes really tedious taking it up steep hills. Seeing as it is heavier than many other road bikes, it’s no surprise the Infinito CV disc is not suitable for speed racing.


The Infinito CV Disc is a dream bike for endurance racing cyclists. It is excellent for long-distance rides and commutes. It maximizes comfort and provides optimal acceleration in such riding situations. In addition, it has a wide range of sizes, 7 to be exact. This adds to its versatility and takes into consideration a variety of user preferences. The price range may be on the high side, but the infinito CV disc model is overall a bike that lives up to its purpose.

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