20+ Solo Women Cyclists Who Have Epic Bicycle Touring Experiences


When we were growing up, we often heard the phrase “nothing is impossible.” If you want something really bad or want to achieve a particular goal, you can do it. This is the driving force behind some of the bravest women cyclers in the world. These women have recorded epic bicycle touring experiences, and they are a source of inspiration to women all over the world who dream of living their best lives on top of a bike. This article has compiled some of the most successful solo women cyclists in the world and their journey. Enjoy!

20 amazing women cyclists who have epic bicycle touring experiences

Ann Johansson

One amazing woman with an epic bicycle touring journey is Ann Johansson. Her journey mainly covered Europe, and she flew from Sweden to Tajikistan and then from Sweden to Thailand.

Anna Kitlar

If you want to bike tour around the world and look for someone to motivate you, you should look up to Anna Kitlar. This wonderful woman has toured from North America to Europe, from Europe to Asia, and from Asia to Africa

Anne Westwards

Another woman that has done wonders in the bicycle touring department is Anne Westwards. You can describe her as the Jasmine of cycling as her journey majorly covered the middle east and Asia.

Astrid Domingo Molyneux

Two years is not long on the road, and Astrid Domingo Molyneux proved these after completing her bike tour in 2 years. She rode from Europe to the Middle East, Asia, and then North America.

Blanca Fernandez

If you want to go bicycle touring in Africa, you can learn a thing or two from Blanca Fernandez. This woman has cycled from London to Asia and then Africa.


If two years is not a long time on the road, five years is. However, that will not deter determined women like Blandine from living their dreams and traveling the world. For five years, this amazing woman toured around 37 countries and covered over 50,000 kilometers.

Barbara Graf

Another amazing woman on top of a bike is Barbara Graf. This woman has taken long bicycle journeys all over the world, and she is an accomplished cycler.

Carmen Mickley

Another female bicycle touring legend is Carmen Mickley. Carmen has traveled all around the world, and she has seen everything there is to offer. After traveling to 31 countries on three continents over a space of three years, she is regarded as an accomplished biker.

Cinderella Servranckx

There are more than 190 countries in the world, and most people live and die in one. This is not the case for Cinderella Servranckx, as she has toured around 45 countries, covering about 50,000 kilometers from the top of her bike.

Dervla Murphy

If you want to read a book on real-life backpacking, then you should probably check out Dervla Murphy’s recount of her 1963 bike tour from Ireland to India. This woman went on a bike packing trip at a time when the modern world was starting.

Dorothee Fleck

If you thought five years is too long to be riding, you should ask Dorothee Fleck questions. Dorothee Fleck is another bike riding legend. She rode for 12 years and explored over 98 countries. Dorothee as covered over 180,00 kilometers

Eleanor Moseman

Another wonderful cyclist that inspires us is Eleanor Moseman. This lady has toured around most of Asia, including China, Mongolia, and Centra Asia. She covered 26,000 kilometers in two years.

Emily Chappell

Emily Chappell has toured around many countries, and her journey mostly took her through Europe, Asia, and North America. If you are interested in endurance cycling, you will like Emily Chappell.

Ewa Swiderska

Ewa is an amazing woman and professional bike traveler. She has been traveling around the world since 2013, and she is an established bike packer.

Fredrika Ek

It is possible to tour the world on a bike in one thousand days, which Fredrika has done. This woman traveled to 45 countries and covered over 51,000 kilometers.

Gaelle Bojko

Gaelle successfully toured around Europe with her bike in one year. If you are thinking of bike packing and enjoy the beauty of Europe for a year, it is quite possible.

Genevieve Fortin

Some people love exploring, and one of those people happens to be Genevieve. Genevieve is a wonderful woman, and she has toured many countries since 2006.

Heike Pirngruber

Heike is a photographer, and she has traveled around the world since 2013.

Helen Lloyd

Helen has toured over 40 countries, and she has covered over 45,000 kilometers on four continents.

Hera van Willick

Hera is an accomplished cyclist, and she has toured around four continents.


Solo women cyclists defy the odds and travel the world on top of their bikes. These women have done uncommon things, and they have explored the world. If you want to know more about these women, you can check out their social media pages to learn about their journeys. Enjoy!

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