A comprehensive guide to bike fishing


When you are going on an adventure, you should try as much as possible to experience as many new things as you can. If you are going cycling in the woods, chances are you will come across a lake or river that has fish in it. If you happen to come across this lake and are not ready to add one more adventure to your list, that would be very sad. You can enjoy yourself when you go cycling by also preparing to fish on the way. Fishing is an exciting activity that doesn’t necessarily have to end with swallowing down delicious fish dishes. You could also sport fish and even enjoy an excellent time out with your buddies. Better still, if you want to go out on a cycling journey expecting to fish at the end, then you are also at the right place. This article would provide you with a comprehensive guide to follow if you ever decide to go bike fishing. Enjoy!

How to go bike fishing

Pick out the right bike

If you want to go bike fishing, the best bike to use is a mountain bike. This is because you would have to come across forests and lakes inside deep bushes and hills, and you need to navigate the right way. Mountain bikes are built for rough terrains, and they allow you to navigate paths with ease. When you come across any lake, you can quickly stop your cycle and sport fishes. If you are going to fish in a public, urbanized place, you can use road bikes. However, this would rarely be the case.

Wear appropriate biking shoes

If you want to go bike fishing, you should make sure you are wearing the right bike shoes. The bike shoes you wear must be flexible enough to let you ride comfortably and strong enough to withstand the rigors of walking on harsh surfaces. You might need to climb a few times to fish comfortably when you are outdoors, and this means that you should be ready to wear bike shoes that will allow you to stay solid on the ground. The shoes must have traction, and they must be built for durability.

Select your fishing weapon carefully

When you are going bike fishing, you should remember that you are going on a bike and not a car, and this means that you will not have enough space to carry as many fishing weapons as you want. You can only take a lightweight fishing weapon on a bag, and the gun must be compact enough to fit into a small bag or handy carry bag. If you want to buy the most compact fishing weapons, you can check out unique products on Amazon.

Know your terrain

Knowing your terrain is an important activity that all cyclers must carry out. This means that before you go bike fishing, you have to go out with your bike usually. When you do this, you can learn about the essential bumps, turns, rough roads, and, most importantly, lakes that you can fish from. You need to go on a land tour first before you decide to go bike fishing. This way, you can even learn if there is fish to be hunted before you carry your fishing kit along with you. If you are hoping for a spontaneous fishing expedition, you can also bring your fishing kit with you the next time you tour a land.

Always carry a repair kit

This tip is a general biking tip. If you go on a bike fishing expedition and you happen to catch some fish, you would be happy to ride it back to camp or back home with you. However, if your bike gets damaged, then the fish might get spoilt before you can get it home. You must bring a repair kit with you to quickly fix your bike if it gets faulty.

Avoid over speeding

Over speeding can lead to severe injuries. If you are going bike fishing, you should know that you will carry extra equipment when you are going. This fishing kit will probably slow down your journey a little, but you should avoid overspeeding. Fishes will always be in the river, and there is no need to rush to see them.

Wear the right outfit

If you are going bike packing, then you should wear the right outfit. You can fish with any company on but make sure you have solid shoes and comfortable wear. This will allow your body to stay free throughout the fishing process.


If you are thinking of going bike fishing, following this guide will allow you to go about this activity the right way. If you follow these instructions that we have outlined, you would quickly go out, fish, and enjoy the outdoors without experiencing drawbacks or troubles.