How To Clean A Mountain Bike In 6 Easy Steps


When it comes to the committee of bikes, the mountain bike holds a special place. This bike is rugged, and it is used in some of the roughest and worst terrains out there. Mountain bikes are built to withstand harsh treatment, and they allow their riders to stay solid when they cycle in muddy and dirty hills. If you want to continue enjoying the adventure your mountain bike provides, you should make sure that you maintain them regularly. Your mountain bike will require much more detailed cleaning than other types of bikes because of the places they venture into, and you should have the necessary tool and knowledge for the maintenance. If you are reading this article to learn how to clean your bike in 6 easy steps, you should go ahead. Enjoy!

How to clean your mountain bike

Wait till your mountain bike needs washing

Mountain bikes are uniquely built to be strong and rugged. They can withstand harsh terrains and remain in perfect condition for the next ride. Unfortunately, they are made with intricate designs that make them a little challenging to clean and maintain. This is why you need to wait till your bike is filthy before you wash it. Another reason why you should wait till your bike is filthy is to avoid doing more damage than good. If you are constantly scrubbing the components of your mountain bike, you leave them open to damage. When your bike is dirty, bring it out and give it a thorough cleaning; don’t do it too often.

Find the perfect spot to wash it

After you are ready to wash your bike, the next step is to find the perfect spot to clean it. When you want to wash your mountain bike, you would need a lot of space and water to carry out that activity successfully. If you have your own house and garage (or garden), finding a spot to wash your bike is easy because you can clear out space, connect your hose to a tap and begin the process. However, if you happen to live in an apartment, you can take your bike over to your local bike shop. If you a slight change to spare, they can help you with the cleaning process, and you don’t have to worry about the remaining steps. However, if you want to get it done yourself, you can request a space.

Wash with the right equipment

If you want to clean your mountain bike, then you need to purchase a brush set (if you don’t have one already). You would also need a hose and running water for this process. Make sure the water coming out of your hose is not high-pressure. When you are ready to start scrubbing, begin by using the biggest brush in your set to frame, clean the hard laces to reach with medium-sized brushes, and then clean your chain and cassette with small brushes. You can also reverse this process. You will also need to get soap and a degreaser if you want to get the best result when you wash your bike.

Pay special attention to the drivetrain

The drivetrain is the most completed part of your bike, and it is unarguably the hardest part to clean. However, you have to pay close attention to the drivetrain when cleaning. You would need to scrub the chain and other parts of the train thoroughly and remove any mud or dirt stuck there. If your frame is clean and your drivetrain is even cleaner, it would look like you bought a new mountain bike.

Clean the bike components

Bike components like your hub, derailleurs, cassettes, and tires should also be carefully cleaned. This will give your bike a totally clean look that will allow you to ride when with joy when next you head out into the mountain. This is why you need to wait till your bike is very dirty. When you wait till your bike is dirty, you can clean every part thoroughly, and you would not have to do it again for a long time.

Dry and lubricate the bike

After you have washed your bike thoroughly, you also need to dry them thoroughly. Mountain bikes are filled with many mechanical parts, and if you don’t clear out all the water and dry them completely, they might start to rust. Next, you need to extract every drop of water from your bike. You can do this by placing it under the sun or using an electric dryer. After you have done this, the last and final step is to lubricate the bike. This will make it look like a new bike, and you would be happy when you have completed the process.


Your mountain bike is not a fragile piece of equipment. However, if you don’t clean and maintain regularly, you are opening the bike up to possibilities of damage. This article has provided you with ways you can easily clean your bike. Cheers!