Bicycle Touring Montenegro


When people think of vacations, they think of expensive places like Las Vegas, Paris, London and other top-notch destinations. However, the world is filled with so many wonders and there is always something beautiful to see regardless of where you go. Every culture is unique and every county has its own attraction sites that will impress any foreigner. If you are thinking of going on a bicycle tour soon, one place that you can decide to visit is Montenegro. Montenegro is one of the less popular countries but it has beautiful sites that you can see from the top of your bike. In this article, we have compiled some of the most beautiful destinations in Montenegro. Enjoy!

Beautiful destinations in Montenegro

Eat delicious food at Perast

If you want to go bike packing Montenegro, then you might as well visit a city that is known for preparing and serving delicious meals and dishes. This village is one of the most beautiful places in the country and you can easily ride through while grabbing a snack from time to time.

Go to Kotor Fortress

If you are going bike packing in Montenegro because you want to explore the history of the country, then you should definitely visit Kotor Fortress. This place is specifically for adventurers and it is perfect for bike packers. The black mountains and hills offer a lot of opportunity for outdoor activities.

Ride around Our lady of the rocks

While you are visiting Kotor, you should make sure you see Our lady of the rocks. This place is a beautiful, manmade island specifically built as a church and created to give you a complete view of the mountains. If you happen to visit this place, you can take amazing pictures that will stand out on your social media.

Explore the Ostrog Monatsery

Another wonderful place you can explore in Montenegro is the Ostrog monastery. This place has many amazing things to offer and it is a major attraction site for tourists. This place is made with a stunning view that will allow you to enjoy the scenery and take many wonderful pictures.

Visit the Lovcen National Park

If you are going to Montenegro to enjoy riding and bike packing, then you should definitely visit the Lovcen National park. This place is home to mount lovcen. This mountain is well suited for adventurers and there are a lot of outdoor activities that can be carried out on these grounds.

Ride around Njegusi

Njegusi is a small village in Montenegro there are many beautiful views in this place. If you are looing for a place where you can ride around and connect with nature, then this place is the perfect spot for you. You can see the stunning views from the top of your bike and take amazing pictures in this beautiful village.

Explore the Sveti Nikola Island

If you have explored Montenegro before, you have probably visited the city of Budva. This city is a beautiful place where rich people hang out regularly. However, if you are bike packing in the city for the first time, then you should probably check out the beautiful island not too far from the city. This place has three secluded beaches and you can easily cool your head off one a hot afternoon.

Visit the Skadar Lake National Park

If you are going to Montenegro to enjoy nature and immerse yourself in the countryside, then you need to visit Skadar lake national park. This place is filled with beautiful expressions of nature that will leave you stunned and fully satisfied.

Go to the Masanovic Winery

You can claim to have visited Montenegro if you don’t have a taste of the beautiful wines served in Masanovic Winery. This place is located in Virpazar and it is a major attraction site for tourists. If you are riding to this place and riding back, then tasting the wine is enough so you can have enough mental energy for your return trip.

Explore the Crno Jezero Lake

Another wonderful place you should visit if you ever go bike packing in Montenegro is the Crno Jezero lake. This place is a wonderful water body that is bound to blow your mind. When you visit this place, you can easily take wonderful pictures and ride through the stunning pine forests.

Visit Gorica Park

If you are visiting Montenegro, then you should go bike packing in its capital. This place has amazing sites and you can easily ride around and enjoy the fresh breeze. If you want to take wonderful pictures for your social media, this place is the perfect place for you.


Life is short and that is a statement of fact. You should experience as much of this world as you can and you can only do this by travelling and learning about new cultures. If you are planning to bike packing in an unfamiliar territory, then Montenegro is just perfect for you. In this article, we have already outlined some beautiful destinations you can visit. Cheers!