10 Reasons to tour with A Rohloff Hub and Some Not


The difference between remarkable cycles and average cyclers is the amount of detail and attention they pay to their bike. A rider expresses himself through his bike, and good cyclers know every inch of their equipment. If you are going on a bicycle tour, you might want to consider changing the rear hub to a Rohloff Speed hub 500/14. This hub is an internally geared rear hub that allows for 14 gears and whose gear range is almost as extensive as a regular drivetrain. You can count on the gears to continue running smoothly because they sit in an oil bath sealed away from elements and work quicker than a regular drivetrain. Rohloff hub has been serving bike packers on tour for decades, and you can count on them to help you ride and enjoy your trip. In this article, we have clearly outlined reasons why you should travel with a Rohloff hub.

10 Reasons to travel with a Rohloff hub

Sealed gear units

If you want to use a hub that is almost resistant to wear and tear, then you should use this product. The Rohloff hub is sealed with an aluminum hub shell, and it isn’t easy to penetrate. This means that the Rohloff hub does not have to endure mud, grit, snow, water, sand, etc. This makes it resistant and resilient to wear and tear.


Another wonderful thing about using the Rohloff hub is the sturdiness. Sturdiness means that all the hub parts are compact, and they cannot be easily damaged. With this hub, your derailleurs, hangers, brittle cassette, or shifters are covered, and there is no possibility of failure.

Wide gear range

If you decide to use a Rohloff hub, then you should be ready to experience a wider gear range than the ones you are originally used to. Wide gear ranges give more options and greater control, and you can easily enjoy yourself in the process.

Maintenance-free design

If you are tired of maintaining your bike hub regularly, you should consider switching to a Rohloff hub. This hub is specially designed to get you through one hundred thousand kilometers before you even have to touch the hub. After changing the oil periodically, you can continue to enjoy riding without any hitches

Minimal Drivetrain cleaning

One of the hardest places to clean in any bicycle is the drivetrain, and that is why you need to have a Rohloff drivetrain. A Rohloff drivetrain is designed to clean quicker and much easier than a regular drivetrain. You don’t need to gather brushes and start trying to scrub the derailleur pulleys, cassette teeth, and chainrings one after the other.

Gear shifting without pedaling

If you want to go touring, then you should take a bike with a Rohloff hub. A Rohloff hub gives you the ability to change your gears without pedaling, which can be very useful when you are touring. You can easily pick your gear before you start pedaling and change it as you wish.

Ability to change many gears at once

You can change your gears without pedaling, and you would also to able to switch between multiple gears at once if you use a Rohloff hub. If you have to move down quickly or are racing faster than you planned, you can change the gears rapidly and the Rohloff hub will handle it.

Equally spaced gear ratios

The Rohloff hub is one of the few hubs uniquely designed that allows for equal spacing of gears. When you ride, you know what to expect when you change your gear. The speed will either decrease or increase by 13.6 percent. After you have ridden on this stuff for a time, you will get the hang of it, and switching between gears will become super easy.

Instant gear changes

Once you change gear, the Rohloff hub is designed to engage in that gear automatically. This means that you don’t have to worry about any delay and your bike is ready to move at your pace. However, you should note that you cannot skip any gear.

Straight chain line

The bike chain is a bicycle that experiences the most wear and tears after the brakes. However, with the Rohloff hub, the bike chain is a straight chain line. This means that a chain is efficient and it will last longer than regular chains.


When you make sure that all the parts of your bike are designed to help you ride better and enjoy your bicycle tour, your journey will progress smoothly. If you are going bicycle touring, you can increase your bike strength by using the Rohloff hub as your rear hub. Cheers!