The top ten countries to travel by bike


This top-10 list has been collected using data obtained from different travelers who have finalized epic cross-continental bike journeys. These cyclists were asked to list their three favorite countries along with the explanations why.


Mexico is an evolving country blessed with amazing landscapes, an intriguing history, rich culture and world-famous cookery. You will find yourself cycling through massive deserts, across rugged mountains, into evergreen forests, and along extensive beaches.

Go off the beaten track to find out the friendliest Mexicans, comprising large indigenous populations who communicate dialects you didn’t even know occurred. And make sure to submerge yourself in the vast ancient ruin sites to visualize what life would’ve been like as a Mayan or Aztec all those years ago.


Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country by the mainland, and is residence to a continent’s worth of various landscapes, along with the oldest consecutive culture in the world the Aboriginal Australians. The crimson red center requests never-ending dirt roads, open horizons and a very testing atmosphere. Tracing the coasts, you’ll discover everything from the best beaches in the world, alpine terrain completes with snow caps, colossal-sized coral reefs, lush rainforests and several unusual animals which are the coolest on Earth.

There are hundreds of little notable towns in between the very sophisticated cities; make sure to drop past the pubs to find out the one-of-a-kind Australians that visit them often.

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The Iranian people could not be any further distinct from the governments embodying them. Iranians will extend your awareness of what it implies to be considerate and open, and they will reveal to you just how much more you can offer and share in your life. As a cyclist, you will be given friendship, city tours, food and an area to live virtually every day, with no strings attached.

The landscapes are furthermore much more than a desert Iran has four seasons, a mountain meadow with mountains towering over 5000 meters, dense woodlands and an amount of wildlife. Mix in the unusual Persian culture, and long and interesting history, and it’s not difficult to see why Iran is a touring favorite.


The culture feels different to even the well-travelled, so it’s the type of place you need to take seriously and approve the myriad of doubts it will throw at you. As you make your way across the regions, you’ll be finding out some wildly odd people who live in a country that governs otherwise to your own. Engross yourself in the famous towns, amazing food.

United States of America

The United States of America is family to a different network of ever-changing atmospheres, rendering it ripe for being scrutinized on a bike. The landscapes comprise everything from wild rock constructions to deep canyons, vast desert lengths and pristine redwood forests.

If you like solitude, there are sufficient low-traffic roads to keep to yourself, but if you’re feeling more municipal you can take on prominent bike routes such as the Pacific Coast to bump into like-minded travelers.


Turkey is a dream destination that gives the detailed package, from quiet roads to idyllic towns, sunny beaches, different landscapes, and a very fascinating cultural bridge between Europe and Asia.

Turkey has a lengthy and intriguing history, with historical ruins along with inexpensive and delicious food and a great atmosphere for cycling, even in winter.


Denmark’s official tourism website gives comprehensive maps and data to help you plan a biking trip all over the country. In expansion, numerous organized bike tours carry you to the highlights all over Denmark, from the city to the countryside. If you’re just touring Copenhagen, the city is one of the most bike-friendly capitals in the world, so it is still worth borrowing a bike to dive between its highlights and sights.


Iceland may not retain the same cycling system as Denmark does, but if you’re an energetic biker, travelling across Iceland on a bike will be one of the most rewarding albeit somewhat difficult travel encounters you’ll ever have. But, be mindful that Iceland is an island established by hundreds of volcanic eruptions, so the deeper you go, the more rocky, bumpy, and hilly the landscape will be.


The residence of the world’s largest and most famous bike race, the Tour de France, couldn’t be left unmentioned in this list. Whether it’s Paris, Cannes, the Alps, Mont Ventoux, Luberon Valley, or the Col de Galibier, France has you wrapped with its well-built cycle tourism infrastructure that stretches to all of its provinces, making them all available to anyone pedaling their way through the country.

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